Tuesday, February 07, 2023

How Rude

It wouldn't be fair for senators to convey the actual impacts of Sam Alito's policies.
Whatever its partisan composition, Congress should have an institutional interest in ensuring that the Supreme Court not act as a super-legislature. But even if Kevin McCarthy’s House is unwilling to serve as a meaningful check on the court, there are things that the Senate can do — starting with holding hearings designed to shed light on the on-the-ground impact of the court’s cases, including Dobbs and Bruen, the case about gun regulations. Illustrating the danger of the court’s reasoning in Bruen, a federal appeals court just last week declared unconstitutional a federal law that disarms individuals subject to domestic violence restraining orders.
It wouldn't be fair to have women talk about how doctors wouldn't remove their dead fetuses! Probably Republicans would throw hissy fits and no network would cover it.