Tuesday, February 28, 2023

One Million Robotaxis

Musk's defense on this one is probably something like, "You fucked up! You trusted me!" Can't say he'd be totally wrong about that.
Shareholders have alleged in the proposed class action lawsuit that Tesla defrauded them over four years with false and misleading statements that concealed how its technologies – suspected as a possible cause of multiple fatal crashes – “created a serious risk of accident and injury”. The case was filed Monday in a San Francisco federal court.
From 2014:
Full Self-Driving. So, over time, we think Full Self-Driving will become the most important source of profitability for Tesla. It’s — actually, if you run the numbers on robotaxis, it’s kind of nutty — it’s nutty good from a financial standpoint. And I think we are completely confident at this point that it will be achieved. And my personal guess is that we’ll achieve Full Self-Driving this year, yes, with data safety level significantly greater than present.
I think here he means as a technology, not as a consumer product, but one point I've been making for years is that if self-driving cars could really work, you'd have the $10 million prototype with the onboard supercomputer and 57 redundant mobile connects and a suite of sensors (or whatever). From that they could figure out how to transform the basic tech into a consumer product. That never happened.