Monday, February 13, 2023

The Future Is Leisure

Certainly not the first person to make this point, but the optimistic futurism of the past has been replaced by dystopian predictions. Once we were promised that exciting new technologies would free us from the need to work. The great problem of the future was how to deal with all of our leisure time when we have 12 hour work weeks!

Now the same promised technologies are portrayed as destroying most jobs and impoverishing the bulk of the population.

I don't think either of these was ever precisely right, but they do say a lot about how optimism has been replaced by pessimism. Once techno-pessimists were branded as ridiculous "Luddities" and now it's the technology promoters themselves who seem to eagerly anticipate this dystopic future. Skynet will be a disaster, let's hasten the activation of skynet!

I know the reason. All the rich Silicon Valley guys want slaves, basically, both robots and humans. And they can't wait!