Thursday, March 02, 2023

But There Was An Affadavit

A random person claiming to be aware of kids identifying as helicopters were being rushed through treatment (I don't know what hormones you give to kids who identify as helicopters) got our Sensible Centrists (Just ASKING QWESCHINS - OH LOOK FINALLY THE ANSWER I WANTED) very excited.

Here's a bit of actual reporting about that.

None of these people care about the damage they do regularly to the most vulnerable people in society, whether it's minorities brutalized by cops or trans kids. Saying they don't care is the generous view.

A regular criticism of this very fine blog is that sometime certain aspects of The Discourse are elevated in importance. You know, "twitter and cable news aren't real life, who the fuck cares what Jon Chait writes." That kind of thing. Sometimes fair. But I see all the time how this shit jumps from the fever swamps to The Sensible Centrists to state legislatures.

That affadavit was quickly transmuted into Fact (IT WAS AN AFFADAVIT, THAT'S LIKE THE HOLY TABLETS) by people who believe they are brilliant Vulcans. All their friends tell them so.

Again, we can debate how much this stuff matters, but for some reason the Sensible Commentariat and the New York Times have just become this dril tweet. Ludicrous claims about trans clinics also echo the ludicrous claims made about abortion clinic practices for decades by the same lunatics, and the same centrists fell for them then. You know, they kill babies after they're born and the doctors eat the fetal material. That kind of thing.

Jon Chait, in particular, spent a couple days badgering people saying, basically, "I'm not saying it's true, but what if it is???? CHECK MATE, LIBS."