Friday, March 03, 2023

Golf Cheats

Back when Trump became president, and his golfing - and golf cheating - was in the news, I had to have people explain the phenomenon of golf cheating.

I didn't mean people taking a couple mulligans or moving the ball a bit in friendly games when no one gives a shit, nor did I mean devious cheating in which people get away with things because no one can see. That last one is just people being weird assholes, and not limited to golf.

I meant the the kind of "fuck you" cheating that Donald Trump did. Everybody knew he did it but he did it anyway.

People explained that was Boss Cheating. The boss does it because he's the boss, and he can, and there's nothing you can say or do about it. It's a power play.

This type of thing we get from Jon Chait, or the smug New York Times Defense Force when it leaps into action, is often that. It's just "fuck you, we control the microphone, how dare you question us."