Friday, March 03, 2023

Trans Panic Vertical

Someone (forget who!) made this point awhile back, but it was generally understood and not controversial that when Breitbart ran a "black crime vertical," explicitly highlighting crimes nationally allegedly perpetrated by black people, with no other context, that this was just racism. Every single story they ran could've been 100% factually true and it would still have been just racism aimed at racists.

The NYT, The Atlantic, and various others, are running trans panic verticals, and no they don't even feel the need to meet the obligation of being correct. Even if they did, the point would stand. Running stories over and over again how trans youth might be being rushed into treatment, inappropriately, without even having any evidence of this absent dubious anecdotes, is just their way of having present trans panic verticals.

In the early 90s, especially, you could make any claims about African-American criminality (superpredators!), and push that shit into the newspapers. Now you can write about teens identifying as helicopters being given hormones (what? what the fucking what?) and all the Most Sensible People In Journalism will nod along and sneer at anyone who points out this is fucking crazy.

And the ones who don't nod along just will keep quiet. Never criticize the club members.