Saturday, March 04, 2023

Out Of Touch New York Elites

One thing about the members of our "liberal media" is they truly believe they are the most liberal people in the country, except for some weird hippie freaks, and wherever they stand on an issue, people in the hinterlands MUST be more conservative.
A new Mason-Dixon poll released Thursday by the Fairness Campaign, a pro-LGBTQ rights advocacy that paid for the poll question, showed 71% of respondents oppose laws letting state leaders overrule parents' wishes for gender-affirming care for their child.
I'm sure such things are sensitive to poll wording - as all things are - but our pundits see things in very abstract Debate Club terms, and never "this could affect me" terms.

Often these things are a bit like the Schiavo case (explain to the kids). Am "I" a fan of Michael Schiavo pulling the plug? No. Am "I" a fan of Tom DeLay telling Michael Schiavo what to do? Fuck no.

Not everyone is acquainted with the finer nuances of tax policy, but "should the state get up in my most intimate business, like how I raise my kids" is something they do understand. Our pundits understand this well when conservatives are saying it, for some reason.

Also most people don't hate their kids as much as the New York City chattering classes clearly do. That's snarky, but much of this anti-trans stuff from "liberal" pundits is coming from people being absolutely freaked out at the very normal way their teen children get weird and hate them, for a time, and they can't deal with it.