Wednesday, March 08, 2023

The Hardest Day Of Elon's Life

Imagine the poor attorney who had to inform him that, yes, he had to do this.
Yesterday a guy (Halli) posted a long thread saying he had been locked out of his work email at Twitter but had been unable to get a response from HR regarding whether or not he had a job or not.

Elon asked him what actual work he did, the guy responded, Elon mocked him with increasing intensity and the guy was informed he that he was, in fact, fired.

It seems like a story of any other mistreated-by-Elon twitter employee, then the real story starts to come out. OK, maybe severance, right? Haha, no, Halli was no normal employee. He actually sold his company to twitter and took the sale price in employment and salary, presumably with a "if you fire me you have to pay up" clause. Also he's disabled, which Elon used to mock the idea that he could do any work, justify his firing, and then sent his insane fanboys to attack the guy.
Amazing stuff.
But that wasn’t enough for Musk, who seemed to think it was all one big joke he could dismiss with a flurry of tweets.

“The reason he confronted me in public was to get a big payout. From what I’ve been told, he’s done almost no work for the past four months, middle-management or otherwise,” Musk tweeted without providing any evidence.

“Despite his claims on Twitter that he did work, it turns out he told HR that he couldn’t work because he couldn’t type, but was, over the same period, typing up a storm on Twitter,” Musk continued, suggesting his disability wasn’t real.
According to Halli he can type for about an hour or so without it being too burdensome, and can one finger his phone (tweet) with no issues.

"Independently wealthy" is the guy built a successful company and sold to twitter.

Christ what an asshole.

Guys like Elon don't apologize. I assume whichever HR person didn't stop him from this is no longer on the job.