Thursday, April 27, 2023


I get more and more cynical over time because I used to think that "we" were having some good faith discussions about aspects of journalism, but after having about the 13th round of the "objectivity" (for example) discussion, I realize the prominent journalists who feel free to speak up about this stuff are, basically, liars, and the rest (largely POC journalists, though not just) know they will blow up their careers if they do.
There's obviously an agenda when the crime rates of a couple of cities are given extreme national coverage, even though those cities do not actually have very highly ranked crime rates. Especially when they lose interest once the progressive DA gets chucked out (and lose interest when the progressive DAs get voted in).

That's just an example, but there's no point in having good faith conversations with bad faith actors, and there's especially no point when those bad faith actors hold themselves up as vital to Democracy.
When I say "conversation" I don't imagine anyone's actually listening to *me*, or should, just that the same critiques get brought out again and again, and the same dishonest deflections get thrown out in response again and again.

And, no, liberals, it isn't because they "fear" criticism from the Right. That's the comfy blanket version. Oh they're doing the best they can, they're just under so much pressure from Sean Hannity!

Bullshit. The Times (for example) does whatever the fuck it wants to do.