Thursday, April 27, 2023

They Don't Believe In Anything They Claim To Believe In

I see especially older pundit types continuing to try to trap Republicans/conservatives with things like, "oh I THOUGHT YOU BELIEVED IN SMALL GOVERNMENT???" Or, "oh I THOUGHT YOU BELIEVED IN FREEDOM???" Or, "LOOK HOW MUCH DONALD TRUMP INCREASED THE DEFICIT!!!"

Buddy, they don't care, they never cared, this was all a con you bought into more than you should have and most (again, especially older, but not just) journalists still do.

God-fearing, freedom-loving, family values, law-n-order, small government, state's rights, local control, low tax (except on rich people), blah blah blah. Pick any of it and it was always bullshit and most of the people spouting it always knew it was bullshit.

This stuff should be aimed at journalists who pretended to believe them, and continue to pretend to believe them not as some hypocrisy gotcha.

The willing marks are a bigger problem than the cons.

Conservatives switched from freaking out about a couple of children's books going out print, or having the N-words excised, to BANNING BOOKS AND CLOSING LIBRARIES ACROSS THE COUNTRY, and few journalists ever skipped a beat in covering this.