Thursday, April 20, 2023

Fox Journalism

Leaving aside the dishonesty and propaganda, an interesting thing to ponder is, exactly what "journalism" does the supposed news side of Fox do?

After TWENTY ONE YEARS of this fine blog, I sometimes struggle to rehash the same arguments over and over as they are never responded to. I don't mean that *I* should be responded to. I am just a dumb blogger. But I am not the only one making them.

One point I've made repeatedly is that much of what is called "journalism" barely is, and in fact it is often the highest paid/highest status part of journalism.

Actual journalism - investigative, muckraking - is often treated as suspect, in part because it's almost by definition left wing. Uncovering the rot at the top is pretty left wing!

A good example of this is that amazing story the New York Times did on the Trump family tax fraud, involving his judge sister. Did you ever hear about that again? Did it get incorporated into The Narrative? Or just a fart in the wind.

In the category of Habermanesque political journalism, at least Haberman actually does the work! Her "scoops" mostly don't matter, but she still has material to file. Fox doesn't even do that much!

What exactly is the vital news we get from Fox News?