Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Why Would He

Not picking on Norm here, but you can't rely on the "good chaps" theory of governing when we have a government and press filled with very bad chaps.

A consequence of journalists digging their heels on the "objectivity" thing to justify their anti-trans crusade is they can't even say that corruption is bad. Make an absurd argument, embrace the absurd consequences. Generally, I think the corruption rot is spreading everywhere in government. It is not a new thing, of course, but things that would at least once raise eyebrows barely do anymore, and when "everybody" (or everybody has friends who are, at least) is corrupt then no one has standing to say anything.

The right response is, "if you won't show up to testify to a co-equal branch, then we are under no obligation to listen to you, either," but that won't happen.

HAVE SOME SHAME, SIR ain't gonna do it. They aren't good chaps.