Wednesday, April 26, 2023

There Are No Good Conservatives

There's a horrible piece in The American Prospect about Tucker Carlson which I assume happened because a failson and faildaughter have some influential friends there (failsons and faildaughters everywhere, nepotism makes the world go round).

Anyway, you never have to hand it to conservatives because whatever they make the occasional nice noises about, they will forget or push down the priority list the instant it actually matters.

I hate the term "faux populist" because I hate the term "populist," a term equally applied to "more of certain kinds of racism (but some racism is good, it's confusing!)" and "Medicare for All." Somehow "populist" is different than "popularism," the difference being "things centrists don't like" and "things centrists like."

Oddly the term "demagoguge" seems to have fallen out of common usage, but it's a very old American type and falling for one is on the level of being convinced your nose has just been stolen.

Tucker wasn't even a slightly subtle demagogue! He did the nightly White Power Hour! No need to check the races of the authors of the piece.