Wednesday, May 03, 2023

I Felt Guilty Considering Taking A Junket

Back when I started blogging, and BLOGGERS were, for a moment, super cool, I was offered a trip or two to go places. Basic outreach-by-the-tourist-board-or-similar type stuff. Just go, no obligation to write about the place, etc. I didn't go because of scheduling. 

I would've gone, and I don't think there would've been anything wrong with, "hey guys, I got a free trip to Amsterdam, Amsterdam is cool!" But I would've felt the need to DISCLOSE very clearly if I had.

Just can't imagine the Supremos think what they do - not as some shitty bloggers, but as THE SUPREMOS - is totally fine.

I know, I know, "ethics" are for suckers.

Available for junkets now, though.