Tuesday, May 23, 2023

TERF America

Used to make fun of the Brits because while the US had its own anti-trans movement, it was mostly marginalized and when the North Carolina "bathroom bill" hit, it seemed like the important people and press coverage mostly responded appropriately and then the good guys one. Then it all went wrong.
How do restrooms work, in these people's minds? Somehow, the setup is that restrooms are so carefully supervised at the door that a predator would need to obtain and present a government-issued gender certificate to enter—but once inside, anything goes? Lydia Polgreen, writing in the New York Times, described the experience, as "a cisgender lesbian who is occasionally mistaken for a man," of once having a security guard bang on the door of her toilet stall after someone accused her of being a male interloper. The most important detail here, the essence of restroom panic, is that the door was closed. She was in the stall, by herself, when someone decided something had to be done.
The "just concerned about appropriate medical treatment for chidlren" stuff provided a permission structure for centrist dipshists who hate trans people but didn't want to admit it (Chait, Yglesias, the usual suspects).

When people claim to, for example, "care about the chidren," ask yourself if they have ever once cared about "the children" in any other context?

My easy lesson in this was a few years back when teachers in Chicago went on strike and suddenly urban kids missing a few days of school was the greatest tragedy ever to befall the country. Yah imagine the motley assortment of glibertarian ghouls and centrist dipshists giving a shit about those kids.