Monday, June 19, 2023

Impossible To Imagine A Better World

This whole piece is dumb, and generally amazed at how terminal car brain has led to conspiracy theories in reaction to the idea of "15-minute cities," places where many of your daily needs are within a 15-minute walk or so.

Having an American carbrained reactionary centrist write it for a British supposedly left-leaning (but also reactionary centrist) publication makes it extra funny.

It's actually pretty much normal in Europe/UK. Normal doesn't mean universal, of course, but, "being unable to walk to the shops" is generally a bit of a strange concept to anyone who isn't living in an isolated rural home.

And, contra the piece, you can make places more pedestrian/bike friendly without banning cars, and "banning cars" doesn't mean "banning ambulances" even in places where you do.

Just nonsense from someone who has never lived any other way and isn't aware that lots of people do, even in small towns. Not having to have one car per household adult is a great gift to people with less income, not "class war" against them.