Friday, June 30, 2023

Trade Barriers

The "amazing" thing about today's pro-bigot ruling is that it rests on something which did not happen. No gay people asked this woman to make a website. She has never made a wedding website for anyone!

Once - late aughts, I think, maybe early last decade - I went on a group trip to rural PA with some people, including a lesbian couple. We booked rooms for a night in hotel. The couple was reasonably worried about being turned way. Reasonably doesn't mean that they expected to be, just that it was something they did have to worry about when traveling together.

A trans woman was working the front desk, so that worry turned out to be unnecessary, but, again, it was the kind of understandable worry they always had to deal with.

It isn't great!

"What about our big beautiful economy?" is not the most important thing here, at all, but public accommodation requirements do have benefits there, too.