Thursday, June 22, 2023

You Have To Admit She Has A Point

We have a new cast of weirdos, now, but it's helpful to remember (I am old, this is what I can offer now) how much Ann Coulter was promoted by our Liberal Media, and how much the Centrist Dipshits of the time loved watching her Own The Libs. 

Different times, but it's the same impulse that drives so much politics coverage.

It isn't just "false balance" and it certainly isn't "being scared of conservatives," which used to be a popular view. They just love owning the libs as much as actual conservatives do!

White Savior Nick Kristof recently had a column which was, basically, "sure you libs think you're better than the MAGAs, but remember how many of you loved Stalin!!!!" and really we are on our 3rd generation of people covering politics who were driven insane by being rejected by the "hippie" girl in their freshman English class. People who imagine they are liberal, but who are Not Those Liberals.