Wednesday, July 12, 2023


I'll admit I never understood what the supposed "Benghazi" scandal was about. Any time something like that happens it's worth looking into what went wrong, but that's not why Republicans were on TV scremaing BENGHAZZZIIIII for 5 years.

And every Republican outrage defined scandal is like that. Stirring up shit for the cameras, getting journalists to type up their latest nonsense whether or not it has any relation to last week's nonsense, rarely having to justify the previous week's lies.

Was reminded of this very rare moment of correction, but even in the telling we can see how all the incentives go in the wrong direction for journalists.

The executive, Jeff Fager, conceded that CBS appeared to have been duped by the primary source for the report, a security official who told a national television audience a harrowing tale of the attack last year at the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya. On Thursday night it was disclosed that the official, Dylan Davies, had provided a completely different account in interviews with the F.B.I., in which he said he never made it to the mission that night.

After that revelation, CBS decided to take multiple actions Friday. It removed the report from the CBS News website, and the correspondent for the segment, Lara Logan, appeared on the CBS morning news show to apologize personally for the mistakes in the report. And the company’s publishing division, Simon & Schuster, said it was suspending publication of a book by Mr. Davies, in which he tells the same narrative he recounted on “60 Minutes.”