Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Freeze Peach

A minor eye opening event was when someone pointed out that it's a bit weird that the great Free Speech lesson that gets taught is the Nazis v. Skokie. What a great country we are, what a commitment we have to free speech, we *even* let the Nazis march!

And, sure, fine, let the Nazis march, but the idea that loathsome racist views are somehow the *most likely to be suppressed*, and therefore an important line to defend, is actually quite ridiculous (and definitely was when that case happened).

Things are a bit different now (and a bit different now than two years ago!) but at that time plenty of things were being suppressed on obscenity grounds that were basically just LGBT-related.

It's liberal ego-stroking at its silliest. We support the rights of the people we hate the most! Sure, but the people liberals hate the most aren't actually the people who face the most oppression, generally, of speech or otherwise.  They do just fine.