Sunday, July 30, 2023

Devoting My Life To Politics To Ensure Nothing Improves

I don't run the world, of course, and if I did, probably not every lefty-coded policy would top my priority list. Still quite often the choice is not "this imperfect policy" or "the perfect policy I just thought of which would be better than that" but between "the policy being discussed on the floor of Congress right now" or " nothing." 

No lefty policy that has any chance of passing is anything extreme or costly. At best they're mild correctives to the ways the bottom 80% of the population is regularly screwed by other policies.

Nonetheless there are people who seem ready to fight to the death over things like student loan debt cancellation, or extension of the child tax credit. I don't mean the ones obviously on the payroll of Evil Corp, but the ones who make noises about "yes we should do SOMETHING but no not THAT some OTHER THING."

What a life choice. Like I suppose it can be lucrative, but also it seems like many people do it for "free" as in for no particular income or career benefit.

Any policy proposal that benefits the middle class should be more progressive, and policy which is notionally progressive should be means tested to ensure that it doesn't actually reach the people who need it due to burdensome eligibility requirements. Round and round every time.