Saturday, July 08, 2023

Every Time

We've had decades of GOP congressional staffers feeding absolute horseshit to political reporters who eagerly type it up, and then when it almost inevitably implodes like a cheap sub, they just move on to the next steaming pile. Never any reflection, barely any correction, and certainly no change in habits.
Occasionally I google political reporters of yore, the ones I haven't seen in awhile, and so many of them make their way to PR and corporate comms.

Everyone's gotta eat but I don't think the skills should be *that* interchangeable.

I'm certainly not against uncovering Democratic corruption and similar - lock'em up! - but Dem corruption is more of the "everybody does it" variety which Republicans don't care about, because they do it more and harder.

There's another kind of story, investigative reporting which doesn't involve being spoonfed nonsense by a 24-year-old Hillsdale college grad. Those stories aren't as fun because they don't take flight.

The staffer driven story, on the other hand, can go on for weeks with the ongoing reporting/outrage cycle. Staffer leaks, newspaper reports, GOP rep goes on Fox to talk about, reporter covers the Fox segment, and on and on.  Centrist dipshits are certain smoke means fire this time, especially when it caters to their weird biases.

The incentives are not good!