Tuesday, July 11, 2023

It Doesn't Take Much

I've chastized myself several times on this blog for, once upon a time, being somewhat less than a climate change alarmist. My thought processes are boring - I hate the popular genre of "20000 word thinkpiece of the evolution of my thoughts on a particular subject" - but one thing I didn't appreciate was how minor increases in local temperatures, and minor increases in storm variability - could be, if not necessarily catastrophic, hugely damaging.

"100 year storms" every year might not be catastrophic, but they're certainly incredibly expensive. Much more expensive than the investments we should've done 25 years ago.

Not especially optimistic that "we" will do anything. One of the great Centrist Two Steps - argue the merits of policy until that's no longer tenable, then switch to arguing on politics, then repeat - of recent years was about climate change.

Basically, centrist dipshists were "climate skeptics" in the sense of saying it was REAL but not as bad as the hippies said (I was a bit of a dipshit on this but I never argued against the hippies). Then they argued that it was politically impossible to get support for anything because it was costly and the costs would hit "normal people."*  Then with Green New Deal type plans - which were, in part, designed to offset the costs for "normal people" - they argued it was ridiculous to include all of those unrelated things in a climate change package for reasons.

*As an aside, the conceit that things happen or don't happen only if you can get popular support for them is an absurd reading of how things work in DC (and how public opinion is shaped) and insiders who use these arguments are lying because they aren't that dumb.