Friday, July 14, 2023


Quarterly fundraising time!

Thanks to all who help keep this site (and me) afloat. There isn't really an "advertiser supported" model on the internet anymore, unless you are a right wing grifter hawking various types of boner pills, so reader supported it is.

For the price of a couple of cups of fancy coffee you can keep reading this site! Actually, for no price at all you can keep reading this site! But if you do have a little extra and you spend some time here consider contributing a bit!

You can donate once or recurring monthly through paypal, and patreon is a monthly "subscription" type thing. Cancelling recurring payments doesn't seem to be a problem, or at least I haven't had complaints, but if anyone ever does have any problems I'm happy to help fix the problems/refund payments as appropriate.


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I don't have an inflated sense of what this site is worth, but I admit it is a bit depressing watching grifters across the political spectrum make bank while more worthy people (I don't even mean me - just generally!) especially on The Left constantly struggle. Anyway, pay somebody, even if it isn't me!