Tuesday, August 08, 2023

And Why Would They Think That

I've seen it expressed by not horrible people that there are reasons Trump couldn't possibly (not will not - that's quite likely - but should not) spend time in a normal prison. One reason stated was "we can't put the secret service in prison" or something.

And, I dunno, what do you think prison is? The staff aren't all locked up in there too. They get to leave. The secret service wouldn't have to live there. No one has to be Trump's bunk mate. They just serve their 8 hour shifts guarding him from being shivved and go home when the replacements show up. Outfit a couple of special cells for their "offices" or whatever. 

Anyway people are grasping for logistical reasons (honestly in some cases) to express their basic resistance to treating elites like normal people.

"We" always have this backwards. It's powerful people who need to be treated like "normal" people, and normal people need to be treated a bit better.