Thursday, August 03, 2023

Internet Of Shit

It's a bit of a problem that the product can brick if the company disappears.
VanMoof, the Dutch e-bike maker that gained a zealous following, tripled its sales in the pandemic and raised more than $180 million in funding, declared bankruptcy last month, leaving riders in limbo. That’s because the eye-catching e-bikes, which start around $2,000, are built from proprietary parts that only the company makes, available mostly at company-run service centers. And many of the bikes’ functions are linked to VanMoof’s smartphone app.
The proprietary parts issue isn't a new one, but the reliance on the app...
VanMoof, named as a Dutch spin on the word “move,” was founded in 2009 by the brothers Ties and Taco Carlier, and did not start off making battery-powered bikes. But in 2014, the founders came up with a design that put the battery inside the bike frame, helping protect it from rain and thieves, and giving VanMoof bikes their signature streamlined look. The brand took off in the bike-friendly Netherlands, and word spread to early adopters elsewhere.
I met a Taco recently, and yes it's standard Dutch name.