Tuesday, August 08, 2023

Who Runs The Universities

On the right column I'd put "3.5 - The Star Professors." Most of those are quite conservative, actually. The ones who are "Harvard Professors" but spend more time on TV and promoting them than in anything resembling a classroom (or research). Pinker, Ferguson, Turley, various right wing economists, etc.

The public face of US Academia - the ones who are, for various reasons, promoted and have time for self-promotion - is conservative and "allowed" to be much more hackish and overtly political.

There are more liberal "brand name professors" but things are largely rigged against them, too. I mean, what's more interesting to the New York Times? A sober left-leaning well-researched opinion piece about the legacy of slavery or some Brit glorifying American empire?

And who has more clout within the university, ultimately? The celebrities.