Saturday, September 30, 2023


This guy, a "vet," gets kicked out of university due to being a creeper. He runs around saying how unfair it was. He becomes a cause for Betsy DeVos, and a justification for rolling back Title IX and of course mainstream outlets like ABC just run with his tale of woe without any skepticism. You'll never guess what happens next (not quite, anyway).
On the afternoon of July 20, someone using a waterfront trail in Alameda spotted a large garbage bag wrapped in duct tape that smelled as if it was full of dead fish from the bay. When responding officers looked inside, they found the dismembered remains of a young woman whose head, hands and feet had been removed.

Investigators would extract a pair of DNA profiles from the duct tape on the bag. One belonged to Rachel Elizabeth Imani Buckner, a young mother and spoken-word poet who had just graduated from a San Francisco law school. The other, police now say, belonged to her killer — her boyfriend and onetime law school classmate Joseph Carl Roberts, suspected of using an electric saw to try to obscure his victim’s identity.