Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Can't Dislodge The Story In Their Head

Someone I know had a recent experience with a journalist and it was a familiar experience. The story is basically pre-written in their head and nothing this person could say to the journalist could dislodge the narrative they had already settled on. 

This person was the expert on the subject of the story, in some sense *who the story was actually about*, but nothing can overcome the journalist who has decided on a "story" after 45 minutes of work.

So the story wasn't accurate. More than that, if the journalist understood anything, the "real" story was much more interesting! And also easily told quickly. It wasn't complicated!

Back when journalists would occasionally contact me for stories, this was almost always my experience. They ask you things, you tell them, and if it contradicts what they've already decided on, ignore you or even argue!

Just maddening.

Anyway, Trump is supporting striking workers even though he isn't and nothing will get them to stop saying that.

For years Republicans wanted to help the poor by removing all help. Similar.