Tuesday, September 26, 2023


For a couple of weeks we've had reports about how BOTH Trump and Biden were supporting union workers, and then both were going to visit with strikers. This was published 4 hours ago! 
WASHINGTON, Sept 26 (Reuters) - Joe Biden and Donald Trump will speak to striking auto workers in rare back-to-back events in Michigan this week, highlighting how important unions are to the 2024 presidential election, even though they represent a tiny fraction of U.S. workers.
Are they both speaking to striking auto workers? Let's continue reading:
Republican rival Donald Trump, the front-runner to be his party's 2024 presidential candidate, will address hundreds of workers at a gathering at an auto supplier in a Detroit suburb on Wednesday.
Hmm suddenly the word "striking" is missing. What's going on here?
Former President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit a Macomb County automotive supplier of engine and transmission parts Wednesday, the day after President Joe Biden is set to visit a United Auto Workers picket line in Wayne County.

The UAW does not represent workers at the supplier, according to a person familiar with the matter.
The supplier is Drake Enterprises.

What else do we know? So Trump is going to speak to non-union non-striking workers, at the invitation of their management, with support from the organization pushing Right To Work (anti-union) laws.

Both sides are supporting striking workers!

Of course that fucking newspaper was on it, too

Labor reporters like Alex have been yelling about this for days but of course The Real Reporters won't fucking listen.