Friday, September 15, 2023

Doomsday Prosperity Gospel For Atheists

Really they want people to worry about AI so they can feel even more important when they activate skynet.
LONDON — Back in the spring, Britain was sounding pretty relaxed about the rise of AI. Then something changed.

The country's artificial intelligence white paper — unveiled in March — dealt with the “existential risks” of the fledgling tech in just four words: high impact, low probability.

Less than six months later, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak seems newly troubled by runaway AI. He has announced an international AI Safety Summit, referred to “existential risk” in speeches, and set up an AI safety taskforce with big global aspirations.

Helping to drive this shift in focus is a chorus of AI Cassandras associated with a controversial ideology popular in Silicon Valley.
This is a cult in which you donate a kidney and then they invite you to the orgies, run by the people who were selling you Ape JPGs for $2 million 18 months ago. I am not quite kidding about this.