Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Easiest Marks In The World

Nobody - especially the smartest boys in the room - wants to admit they've been conned by a con man, which is one reason we're getting all of these pieces finding it so garsh darn hard to figure out if SBF was genuine and true and just made some booboos.

Maybe he really did just want to be a trillionaire so he could do so much good in the world! As if believing you're uniquely able to "do good" isn't the sign of a messianic lunatic instead of something to applaud.

We already know that SBF's public donations were to Democrats (often bad ones in primaries) and his partner Salame handled most of the Republican ones. But, then, also...
S.B.F. had been priming the pump for weeks. In August 2022, according to my reporting, he quietly made a $10 million donation to McConnell’s dark-money group, One Nation, in what appears to be the largest single financial donation to a Republican group from an FTX executive. That donation, which was never reported, helps to explain Bankman-Fried’s claim, shortly after FTX declared bankruptcy, that he was actually one of the biggest Republican donors in the country that year. (One Nation wouldn’t address the specifics of this reporting.)
And Yglesias:

The big cons require trusted influentials to help sell the con, either because they're in on it or because they are conned themselves.  Our smartest boys in the room are always ready to sell the next big shitpile, though you can decide whether they themselves are cons or marks.

This, from start to finish, is about the stupidest thing ever written and I used to read Gateway Pundit. Stupidest thing ever written on a site funded by, at one point, SBF!