Monday, September 11, 2023


An explanation centrist dipshits give, for why they care deeply about what goes on in the Oberlin Student Council, is that elite institutions create the people who go on to positions of elite power, so this is perhaps more important than, say, what happens at Bumblefuck U. or a random Kansas schools district.

For years the "concern" has been the supposed "illiberalism" of students protesting racist speakers or objecting to the quality of their cafeteria sandwiches.  Unwilling to embrace Freeze Peach and tHe mArKEtPlAce oF IdEAs.

The governor of Florida is a person with immense power who comes out of those elite institutions (Yale BA, Harvard JD). Shouldn't this refocus the concern about the problems with these institutions just a bit? Just what is going on at Harvard that is produces such people? Don't think it's the Woke Mind Virus!

The truth is all these centrist dipshits think Prager U. is a great education model and The 1619 Project must be eradicated.

Centrist dipshits are just extreme right wingers who are mildly embarrassed by it.