Thursday, September 28, 2023

Still At It

New York Times reporter just trolling at this point. They are never wrong, fuck you. There's a story about Trump trying to convince reporters that he's "meeting union workers" while addressing a small crowd of handpicked people who aren't union workers, but the paper of record is committed to presenting the story as written, not as it is.

A local paper:
About 400 to 500 Trump supporters were inside a Drake Enterprises facility for the speech. Drake Enterprises employs about 150 people, and the UAW doesn't represent its workforce. It wasn't clear how many auto workers were in the crowd for the speech, which was targeted at them.

One individual in the crowd who held a sign that said "union members for Trump," acknowledged that she wasn't a union member when approached by a Detroit News reporter after the event. Another person with a sign that read "auto workers for Trump" said he wasn't an auto worker when asked for an interview. Both people didn't provide their names.