Tuesday, September 26, 2023

The Story In Their Head

Not in the case described below, but usually its usually prompted by pitches from PR people and people in power, which is why the spin of the powerful gets put on top and maybe, just maybe, the dissenting (but correct) view of some nobody gets in paragraph 18.

Journalists are so used to working with people whose job it is to talk to them that many of them think nothing of wasting hours of your time, and then ignoring everything you told them.

Can at least sympathize slightly with the demands of broadcast, especially pre-Zoom, but no excuses for this in print journalism.  Just fiction writers who need quotes from real people for their stories.

TRUMP the POPULIST friend of the WHITE WORKING CLASS is going to support the striking worker! Type, send, out for drinks.

The New York Times (he works there) is still at it: