Wednesday, September 27, 2023

They Have Dinner Parties!!!

I keep repeating myself on this (and most things), but I really didn't appreciate until fairly recently just how much upper class Americans are becoming more like upper class Brits. Other people aren't simply less smart and less successful, they're actually moral degenerates, at least compared to the fine graduates of Yale University. No matter how scummy those people are, the great unwashed must be much much worse.

At a time when social media gives you the unfiltered thoughts and self-narration of many of these people, proving daily that they are, well, not generally of superior stock, we have much evidence of how ridiculous this is.

Anyway, the dinner party thing sums it up pretty well to me. They invite people over for dinner, and do it in a more sophisticated way than you do! Because they talk about, you know, stuff!!!

And if a writer is actually impressed by this, what the fuck does that say about that person's life and interests?  Wow, dinner parties! Where they talk!!!

Just amazing.