Saturday, October 28, 2023


Getting older has given me a new appreciation for it. Not just my increasingly impending (hopefully not soon!) death, but just the general fact that we get one go and that it is indeed a big moral crime to snuff someone else's out or rob a portion of it by, say, wrongly incarcerating them.

Along with that, I've come to realize how not very seriously our society takes life generally.

There isn't much concern for locking up innocent people. In fact, it is considered to be "soft on crime" to exonerate them! Letting the real killer go is fine as long as we got someone who looks the part.

Getting "tough" with murderers is mostly about getting tough with people "we" don't like, the murderers of the imagination. The actual murderer - and victim - is secondary. Cops killing people is fine, usually, because they probably deserved it anyway, depending on how they looked.

It's basically legal to murder someone with your car, and traffic fatalities generally don't seem to matter much.
We all love a good war.

Odd state of affairs.