Tuesday, October 17, 2023

This Degenerate Isn't Going To Accuse Himself

Brian expands:
That’s why I’ve encouraged House Democrats to invite the abuse victims Jordan abandoned (and then lied about) to the visitors’ gallery during the speaker vote—they can sit next to the police officers who were injured on January 6, 2021—to accentuate the fact that the overwhelming majority of Republicans will be knowingly voting for a bad guy. Jordan won’t be a liability to his party automatically; Democrats, using opposition tactics that fix media attention onto the controversy, have to make him one, or the press will get bored and move on.

A big Democratic push to frame Jordan’s nomination like that would, if he wins anyhow, set the right tone for the beginning of his speakership—aswirl in questions about his corruption, his phony morals, his abuses of power. It would also offset the temptation within the political press to reward Jordan with what we in the industry call “beat sweeteners.” And beat sweeteners happen to be the subject of this week’s episode of Decoding the News. We recorded this on Friday, before Jordan had made a race of it, but the insights apply as much to him as to anyone who manages to become speaker through all this dysfunction. A rough transcript is below for those of you who can’t watch or don’t enjoy video media.
Maybe it's moot now! Maybe Gym has been vanquished! We will see!