Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Electric Cars Won't Save Us

Hopefully Norway realizing it will make others.
So I flew across the Atlantic to see what the fuss was about. I discovered a Norwegian EV bonanza that has indeed reduced emissions — but at the expense of compromising vital societal goals. Eye-popping EV subsidies have flowed largely to the affluent, contributing to the gap between rich and poor in a country proud of its egalitarian social policies.

Worse, the EV boom has hobbled Norwegian cities’ efforts to untether themselves from the automobile and enable residents to instead travel by transit or bicycle, decisions that do more to reduce emissions, enhance road safety, and enliven urban life than swapping a gas-powered car for an electric one.
Gotta reduce car dependency. This doesn't mean no one owns a car, but it does mean increasing the number of places where one car (or zero) households are the norm, not one car per driving age adult.

It really doesn't require some unfathomble wizardry to reconfigure things a bit so a lot more people are within a 10 minute walk of some shops.