Monday, November 13, 2023

How's That Going

Courier had a few years to build an audience and reputation before going all in on this kind of thing. 
An emerging partisan news organization on the left is seriously gearing up to impact the 2024 election.

On Monday, Courier Newsroom, a network of liberal news sites, will announce a new slate of national contributors and newsletters, video series, op-eds and podcasts that largely focus on “explaining, exposing, and fighting back against threats to our freedoms and democracy.”
They didn't succeed but there's always money in the banana stand for "new media" that donors like run by people donors like that is absolutely useless.

Who knows, maybe it'll work, but they failed the (extremely well-funded) audition and got the job anyway.

Nothing wrong with supporting new outlets, but when existing influential outlets like Jezebel are being shuttered it's a bit off to support Tara McGowan's latest grift.

They are good at getting insider publications like semafor and axios to write about them. Donors read those.