Wednesday, November 08, 2023

Hunky PTA Dad

Michelle Cottle is one of the left-leaning columnists at the New York Times (coded that way, whatever she really is).
As Mr. Youngkin bounds into the hall in his signature red vest — smile beaming, cheeks ruddy from the wind — he radiates the upbeat, hunky-P.T.A.-dad vibe that helped carry him to victory in 2021. His voice ranges from an urgent whisper to a gargly rasp as he raves not about his personal grievances or some vision of American carnage, but about the “common sense” plans he and his party have for Virginia. He spotlights a handful of policy areas — jobs, tax relief, crime, mental health care, education — and contends that Republicans, and Virginians, “win” when sensible people come together. Mr. Youngkin’s sales pitch casts the G.O.P. as a party filled with practical folks who want to get stuff done — as opposed to the Democrats, he charges, who “just want to sell fear.”

Remember that “fear” line. It’s revealing about Mr. Youngkin’s brand of politics, but it’s also about as edgy as the guy gets. His performance is a far cry from MAGA.
His performance. All "optics." Because he doesn't snarl, he isn't MAGA, despite his policies (wants to outlaw abortion completely, pulls 'sending Guard to the border to find fentanyl' stunts). 

CNN was also pushing the NO YOUNGKIN IS NOT MAGA SO STOP SAYING THAT line. The WaPo started running it's presidential beat sweeteners. Here. And Here.

 It was taken as given that Youngkin supported the new glorious abortion "compromise" of a 15-week ban, even though he's said otherwise. Youngkin was all in on the Popularist-blessed anti-trans messaging, which is also not seen by dipshit pundits as MAGA because they agree with it.

And Dems have the whole state legislature. Including Danica Roem.