Friday, April 19, 2024

Dipshit Centrism

This is the standard dipshit centrist response to anything they don't think you should care about, though "why don't you care about this thing I just learned about and have never mentioned before" coming from someone who styles themselves as (retired) Tenured Radical is a bit much.

I know the "sly" implication is students - even Jewish ones! - must be motivated by antisemitism, because nothing else could explain it, but you can easily flip this around.  Why care about the 10/7 attacks when (spins wheel of tragedies) Tigray (spelled correctly) is happening!!!  

Why are people concerned about this thing that is on the front pages of the newspaper every day, that the administration gives multiple press conference about every day, that we spend billions of dollars to support?  Why aren't they protesting this other thing  I don't care about either???

Potter isn't actually this dumb, so she's pretending to be, as many do, thinking you are stupid enough to be fooled by their pretending to be stupid. I don't know why a prominent (retired) academic thinks it's clever to be stupid, but we all have our kinks.