Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The Hard Problem

I know "replacing low age workers with machines" is not a new thing, but it works well (everywhere) for processes which can be standardized. Even in the genre of tasks requiring understanding of natural speech, parising a food order shouted from a car window as the occupants are disccusing their order is incredibly difficult! This isn't a simple problem, this is the hardest problem! How was this not obvious?
McDonald’s is changing course on its artificial intelligence plans.

The fast-food giant will end a test run of its AI drive-through technology partnership with IBM in more than 100 restaurants. The so-called Automated Order Taker will be shut off no later than July 26, according to a memo sent to franchisees late last week, obtained by CNBC.
Even if it in some sense worked, it's hard to imagine it working faster, and speed is pretty important when there is a line of cars.