Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sunday Night

Rock on.

I Walked For Like An Hour Or Maybe Five

Been carless for a long time so it isn't as if walking is alien to me, but during the worst of Covid, well, what else was there to do? Lots and lots of walking.

Though when riding transit isn't an appealing option, the possible routes are a bit limited...

No point. Evening thread! Tomorrow is...

Cunning Plan

A bit of a joke, I think, but consider if Democrats were clearly and obviously and explicitly crafting voting laws to prevent exurban white people from voting?

Eight Can't Wait

When politicians start getting more mad at undeniable evidence of extreme, widespread, endemic corruption and lack of accountability for our police forces than they do at activists for highlighting it, sometimes inartfully, those activists will perhaps quiet down a bit and stop interrupting brunch.

At Least They Only Killed Themselves

Full self-driving [into a tree].
HOUSTON – Two men are dead after a Tesla traveling in Spring crashed into a tree and no one was driving the vehicle, officials say.

Spring Fundraiser Day 2!

Funny how we've moved from "weird to ask for money on the internet" to "Andrew Sullivan just made $12 billion on substack and gofundme is how we fund our medical system now."

I don't measure enough skulls to earn that much money - racism's popular it seems! - and fortunately I don't need any medical treatments, but thanks to all!


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It All Adds Up To A Funky Situation

Imagine the coverage of scenes like this coming from a country with a leader we had decided we didn't like that week.

We'd be invading by Friday. Not that it would help the situation, of course, for obvious reasons.

Morning Thread

It's dumb as I was personally unscathed in any meaningful sense, but some lifting of the regular anxiety from the last 4 years is a reminder of just how anxiety-inducing it was.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Saturday Night

Rock on.

Who Will Defund The Funders

I don't think most powerful people really see protest, especially any protest that mildly inconveniences anyone, as legitimate. One can always point to a bit of vandalism or mild violence, and the police are trained to take actions to make sure something happens, as a cover for this.

A great show of the spirit of democracy in other countries. Not so much here

Saturday Happy Hour

How are you celebrating the blessed blogiversary?

Vaccine Hesitancy

I don't have strong opinions about how to (or not) push people to get vaccines once it's clear that supply and distribution issues aren't the problem, but "not getting a vaccine to own the libs" is quite a cultural moment.

Lunch Thread


Happy Blogiversary To Me!

19 years already? Feels like no time has passed at all! I'm certainly as beautiful as I always was!

Also, day one of SPRING FUNDRAISING FUNSTRAVGANZA. Your voluntary contributions and subscriptions keep this paywall free! Given current trends, in a few short months, this will be the last free site on the internet!


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I will never pivot to email!

Defund The Police

A year of yelling at activists for using the slogan "Defund the Police" because it cost the Democrats the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, and the alternative offered is...

Morning Thread

Everybody is awful except for me.

Friday, April 16, 2021

Friday Night

Rock on.

That Was Quick

Though details forthcoming, of course. Yelling at them is good!!!

Happy Hour Thread

In about a dozen years, college professors will have a class of freshmen who really don't remember the year(+) of Covid.


Big victory for the America First caucus.


No honor among asshole losers.
A founding member of the Oath Keepers arrested in the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol has agreed to plead guilty and cooperate against others in the case — the first defendant to potentially flip in the sprawling domestic terrorism investigation that has led to charges against more than 400 people.

Shitty Year For Jerry Jr

Toxic institution, toxic people.
Liberty University has filed a lawsuit against its former president, Jerry Falwell Jr., previously one of the most influential figures in the U.S. evangelical Christian community, alleging that he misused university resources and tried to conceal a relationship involving a former pool boy.