Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Greatest Column Ever Written By A Local Columnist

This is a bad column by a bad man who for some reason continues to get paid even as Local Journalism Is Dying but I feel the need to link to it every time he writes another bad column.

Time For War

As people have been discussing in the comments, there's a pretty good chance "blow the shit out of North Korea and doom everyone in Seoul to a horrific death" will be the way out of this. The media will play along, and very soberly talk about the War President who is Protecting Us. We have seen this movie before.

I mention Seoul not because I prioritize South Korean lives over North Korean ones. Blowing the shit out of any of them is bad, even if the North Korean state is bad (and it is very very bad, but that is not the fault of its people. Perhaps we are a bit to blame for blowing the shit out of it 60 years ago? maybe a little bit?). But South Korea is our "ally" (this is a dumb word but it is the word we use) and we are, in theory, footing the bill for a large military presence in order for them to not have the shit blown out of them (I am not naive, but it is occasionally worth pointing out why are are claiming to do the things we do even if those claims are bullshit).

I suppose I do care a bit about lives in South Korea more than other places because I have extended inlaw family there. While I don't know most of them, kinship, even obtained kinship, does have an effect on these things.

Important People

The CEOs quitting on Trump are going to make him very mad. He marvels that important people are (in his mind) impressed by him, and thrilled by the idea that they "work for him."

The Mirror

Was subjected to a bit of CNN and the coverage was actually pretty brutal. The president is certainly raging right now. Raging hard.

Lunch Thread

Still busy. Getting back to normal...

America's Worst Humans

Vinod Khosla.


My local paper is running 3 op-eds about whether a statue of our very racist former mayor and police chief, Frank Rizzo, should be removed.

The 2 who think the statue should stay are on the payroll (regular columnists). The one who says it should go is not. All 3 are white.

Morning Thread

Let the resignations begin. Who will be first? Conway? Kelly?

Haha, I crack myself up.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tuesday Night

Tomorrow is...

...catching up. And they still work for him. So, you know.

No word in the Trump lexicon is as tread-worn as “unprecedented.” But members of the president’s staff, stunned and disheartened, said they never expected to hear such a voluble articulation of opinions that the president had long expressed in private.

What A Day

Too busy with stuff to do more than a drive by...but, wow. Good job, America.

In All Of History There Has Been Precisely One Good Tweet

This is the one.

The Alt-Left And The Alt-Right

The president thanks you for bothsidesing.

Afternoon Thread

So much afternooning.

Everybody Get Woke

One bad thing about the Bush era - because of 9/11 and war, I think - was that most people with platforms were a bit shy about talking about how our president was a bad human. It's a distant memory now, but the Bushies were good at equating criticism of Bush with criticism of Amurka. There were a few years when it was "controversial." Hi Dixie Chicks! Anyway, years ago I doubt I would've chosen Seth Meyers as "wokest white guy on late night television" in my fantasy talk show host league, but he's doing pretty well..

The World's Worst Humans

Nigel Farage.

Family Related Program Activities

Obligations today. Sucky blogging....

Morning Thread

Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday Night

Tomorrow is...not Monday.

What I Should Have Said

Once upon a time I was asked to be on some cable news channel's evening show. You know, audition to be one of the giant balding talking heads (of course it would have been an audition, but the idea was I would join the show). That didn't happen for various reasons - it was the wrong moment in my life, I really didn't want to take the train to new york regularly (I know I often seem like the laziest blogger, but this is actually a lot of work), I don't think I want to be a cable newshead... I'm basically an introvert who doesn't want to be a "celebrity"... so I just sorta let it pass.

But what I should have said... especially if I wasn't into it for selfish reasons (SHOW ME THE MONEY - I admit if they had actually offered money I probably couldn't have resisted)... was, really? I mean, another boring ugly white guy?


They're taking over.
Liberty Property Trust has been quietly assembling a series of properties at 19th and Arch streets in Center City for what many speculate could be the site of the third skyscraper for Comcast Corp.

Liberty is pursuing what could eventually amount to a block bound by 19th, Arch, Cherry and 20th streets. The location is cater-corner to where Liberty (NYSE: LPT) is developing the Comcast Innovation & Technology Center and is a stone's throw from the Comcast Center. Another tower in that area would establish an expanded urban campus for the cable giant and continue to push the city's Central Business District deeper into Logan Square.


The richest people in the universe are cowards.

Privately, many chief executives say they are fuming, outraged by the president. (This after many of them campaigned to get on Mr. Trump’s committees.) But many are too scared to say anything publicly that could make them or their company a target of Mr. Trump’s wrath.

College kids. Safe spaces. blahblahblah.

Afternoon Thread

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