Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Well Then

It's insane all around but naturalized citizens are... citizens.

WASHINGTON – Federal officials are planning to collect social media information on all immigrants, including permanent residents and naturalized citizens, a move that has alarmed lawyers and privacy groups worried about how the information will be used.

Awkward, Elaine

Mitch is horrible, but he's competent (from a Republican perspective) horrible. Can't imagine who else in that playpen would be better.

The Trump White House is gearing up to lay blame for a series of likely failures this week squarely at the feet of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), according to sources in and outside of the administration.

Never work with Trump. Ever.

Guess I'm Moving To Alaska

Canada might be the *one place in the rich world* where the super super rich might be less than thrilled with the health care system, otherwise every other American would be thrilled to have Canadian health care, whether they know it or not.

Morning Thread

Monday, September 25, 2017

When The Tunnels Go

Lots of transit nerds didn't like the tunnel plan Christie killed and weren't too upset about it. They had good reasons! But more astute observers of politics, like me, knew that it wasn't a bad plan or a better plan. It was bad plan or probably no plan.

The Gateway Project to construct two rail tunnels under the Hudson River between New Jersey and New York could take until 2030 to complete. But it might not even begin if federal funding is not forthcoming.

The states have agreed to contribute a total of 50 percent of the construction costs, but the U.S. government has made no commitment for the other half.

Eventually, no plan means no tunnels. And then...


Susan Collins says she's a no. I believe (you never know!) McCain's a real no. Rand Paul says he's no but he'll probably try to vote yes twice anyway. Cruz says he's a no but he'll yell "look at me!" in about 5 minutes, probably.

My point is people are saying it's dead, but, you know, not dead yet!

...I forgot Murkowski! Also probably a no, but...

Where We Are

Gotta Know Someone

I know too much relies on one or two of the right GOP members of Congress to have some personal experience which makes them see the light that their cold black hearts previously did not let them see, but the health care thing is a mystery. You gotta be pretty damn richie rich, and have pretty damn good richie rich insurance of the kind that most people with "good" insurance don't have, to not get that there is a big problem with our health care system. Most of these people have to have an old friend (maybe even a facebook friend! it's 2017) or a cousin or brother-in-law or whoever who has had an expensive tangle with our medical system. Sure some of the House Freedom Caucus genuinely believe if only we had FREEDOM then everybody would have cheap medical care, but most of the members of Congress aren't that...ok..not ALL of the members of Congress are that dumb.

Nobody Knows In America

It seems to be shifting a bit, but the lack of coverage of Puerto Rico has been astounding.


The arc of life is weird sometimes.

The Tweetening

He won't shut up about sports and Puerto Rico is in crisis. Not enough people will care.

“There will be no food in Puerto Rico,” Mr. Rivera predicted. “There is no more agriculture in Puerto Rico. And there won’t be any for a year or longer.”

Puerto Rico is an island and there are messed up laws about which freight ships that can go there. Basically, international ships can't go there directly, only US ships.

Monday Morning

The Republicans have five more days to try and get their piece of shit legislation passed with fifty votes. Five days.

Sunday, September 24, 2017


My "favorite" conservative talking point is that the players are "ungrateful millionaires." Whatever one thinks of sportsball, these people get paid a shitload of money because people pay a lot of money to watch them do what they do. Nobody pays any money to see the owners. Without those "ungrateful millionaires" they'd be paying me 20 bucks a week to trip over my own feet.


Not a new point, but Trump always stresses how loyal he is, what a loyal guy he is. Of course in his narcissistic framework, he means "he expects loyalty from others to him."

He screws everybody who works with him.

Afternoon Thread

Get your afternoon on.

And In More Pressing News

I generally disagree with the "don't talk about issue X, issue Y is more important!!!" especially as, you know, this little blog rarely controls the world, but we do have a very pressing issue and far as I can tell the federal government is doing almost nothing (not nothing, but not much).

"There is horror in the streets," San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz said in a raw, emotional interview with The Washington Post. "People are actually becoming prisoners in their own homes."
"Whenever I walk through San Juan," Yulín said, she sees the "sheer pain in people's eyes. . . . They're kind of glazed, not because of what has happened but because of the difficulty of what will come," she said. "I know we're not going to get to everybody in time. . . . Two days ago I said I was concerned about that. Now I know we won't get to everybody in time."
Oscar Santiago, mayor of the northern coastal city of Vega Alta, said many of his community's families refused to evacuate their flooded homes. One little girl was standing barefoot with her family on a roof, which was littered with nails, he said. When he asked her to put on some sandals, she told him: "The hurricane took them."

Kneeling Day

I do love how conservatives (and often the media) always deflect issues. Everyone knows what's being protested (either originally, or now Trump), but they're all like how dare they disrespect the troops! The flag! A sick kid in the stands! (ok, not that last one, but probably be tomorrow).

Peaceful, Restful Sunday Morning Thread

Hahahaha! Just kidding. How can it possibly be peaceful when Commander in Chief of the largest military in the world threatens another leader, in a tweet. In an effing tweet. Alas, it's too early to start drinking.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Saturday Evening


Maybe Somebody Should Do Something

This isn't a sustainable state of affairs.

A humanitarian crisis grew Saturday in Puerto Rico as towns were left without fresh water, fuel, power or phone service following Hurricane Maria's devastating passage across the island.

A group of anxious mayors arrived in the capital to meet with Gov. Ricardo Rossello to present a long list of items they urgently need. The north coastal town of Manati had run out of fuel and fresh water, Mayor Jose Sanchez Gonzalez said.

Liberal Tears

I get Trumpism but also I don't. He pisses off the libturds and that's enough for the 27 percenters. I get that part. But he's...repulsive and clearly incompetent and, well, you wouldn't want to have a beer with him even if he did drink. He's that guy at the party that no one wants to talk to.

The Way We Live Now

Not a deep or original thought, but trying to explain all of this even to ten years ago me would be difficult let alone 20 years ago me.