Sunday, October 23, 2016

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Voter Fraud

For many years, The Left (mostly) has been concerned about election fraud through voting machine tampering. This is a reasonable concern. A reasonable concern about a thing does not mean a thing has happened or that there is necessarily evidence of a thing happening. This is a thing which could happen. We don't have one national election system, but it could certainly happen in certain states and smaller municipalities. Has it happened? No idea. But it's not a crazy idea.

Actual voter fraud, where people go and vote in the place of dead people, or fake multiple voter registrations and vote multiple times, or undocumented individuals register and vote, is pretty much impossible. Sure it's possible that it happens occasionally, but it's basically impossible for it to happen at election-tilting levels, and completely impossible for it to happen at presidential election-tilting levels. Given the way the voting system works in Philadelphia, which is now ground zero for these sorts of accusations because black people vote here sometimes, it literally would be impossible. It would require a conspiracy at a scale that half the city would have to know about it.

Anyone making the charge is just saying there's something inherently suspicious about people of color voting. This is Trump's line, and that of his homonculus Rudy Giuliani. They're full of shit, and they're racist shits. Trump's gonna get attention as he is actually the Republican candidate for president (heckuva job, guys!). There's no reason to give any attention to Rudy, unless giving platforms to racists is just another part of the bothsides game.

America's Worst Humans

Brit Hume.

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Deep Thought

I could write another paid essay about how Other People Should Vote and People Who Don't Vote Are Bad People, or I could spend two hours on a corner with a clipboard registering people to vote. Decisions, decisions.

But What If The Nation Is...Divided???

I hate this lazy faux-patriotic pundit trope about National Unity. That isn't actually what the political process is about. In a liberal democracy it's about implementing the will of the majority, with plenty of protections for the minority (or -ties) limiting that power. Quirks of various systems limit the ability of the elected majority to assert power more even more. The only "unity" necessary is that we agree not to kill each other and instead fight it out in the next election. It's a way of resolving disagreements, not removing them. And the day after election day all of those disagreements and hatreds will still be there. It's somewhat important for elites to pay respect to certain ideals like "peaceful transition of power" and "the person&party that win get to govern" but that isn't about "unity."

It gets accompanied by people bleating about how we need to be able to get along, and talk to each other, and love the people we disagree with politically, and write big checks to the people who set up organizations claiming to be dedicated to these ideas. Yah, well, most of us live in this world and have friends and family and coworkers who we have to talk to and get along with etc. and it has nothing to do with "unity" just being a fucking human being who can usually manage to go to a dinner party without fighting with the host about some stupid shit Sean Hannity said yesterday.

And that's even without mentioning what "unity" really means, which is "shut up and eat the shit we feed you, peasant."

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

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Missing Narrative

I think in a way it's good - both in terms of how it impacts how the campaign is covered as well as a bit of a sign that in some ways (just some, and not completely) we've actually progressed - but it's also a bit of a shame that there isn't a greater recognition that holy shit we're about to have our first woman president.

Because holy shit we're about to have our first woman president.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

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Petty Dictators

The big man is a small man.

Also, too, corrupt.

The Third Rail

One of the great mysteries of the last 15 years or so is how stupid Democrats became about the popularity of certain issues. I don't think The Atrios Agenda always has majority support. I actually pay pretty close attention to opinion polls and have a good sense of when, on a surface level at least (polls don't always fully capture nuances), the plans I will implement as your benevolent dictator will be popular. But once upon a time we all knew that cutting Social Security was "the third rail" and that generally "free stuff for the elderly" (I know it isn't really free, just check your tax return), was really popular. Hell even George Bush rammed through a flawed but still popular with the elderly drug benefit add on to Medicare. Because, you know, there are a lot of them and they vote.

I never quite understand why on an issue as obviously popular as Social Security, "making Fred Hiatt happy" was more important than "getting lots of people to vote for you," but that was where we were. Even Republicans understood that what they wanted to do would be hideously unpopular and it was weirdly Democrats who were pushing it more, at least for a time. Yes, yes, if Republicans were your malevolent dictators they'd gut Social Security, but since they still have to win elections even they aren't completely stupid.

Hopefully that era is over. For a little while at least. Could even win some elections that way!

Not Gonna Work

This column is highly critical of Tesla, but also highly apologetic about it. Criticize technology that doesn't exist - precisely because it doesn't exist - and people get mad and think you're against progress or technology or whatever.

I'm just saying these cars won't ever (in our lifetimes - sure, eventually the singularity might arrive) really work as hyped and certainly don't deserve all of the press they're getting. I also don't think that even if they did work they'd be a big improvement for all (some) of the reasons people think they will be, but those are more debatable issues which I rarely bother to debate because the fact is the things aren't going to work. Okay, I'll define "work." Basically, you have to be able to tune out 100% over 90% of the time. I'll even allow for a "last mile" kind of "time for you to drive" thing as long as the rest of the time you can kick back and read your book or whatever. Because if you have to pay attention but usually not doing anything, what's the point? It's just better cruise control. A neat feature for some, but nothing more than that.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

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The Can Kicks Back

Damn you, dday! I'd managed to remove all knowledge of that from my melon.

America's Worst Humans

Jeff Zucker


Woke up in the middle of the night to the smell of burning. Looked out and could see shooting flames about a block and a half away. Fire trucks showed up and put it out, but I weirdly can't find anything in the news about it.