Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Boring Cat Post

Talking about your pets is boring for most people. I get that. But, hey, it's my blog and I gotta post some stuff so it's gonna be cats.

The brothers have been with me basically since I started the blog. They are old men now! Almost 16! A bit cranky, but surprisingly spry. Their behavior has evolved over the years, though recently they have settled into a pattern.

I have a dumb 4 floor rowhouse. (Basement+3 floors). I actually do work in the basement (cue jokes) these days. It's a nice basement. There is a big TV and a treadmill when I am not lazy.

The brothers get along. They sleep in a pile frequently. But they've also divided up the house. One rarely goes up to the top 2 floors, the other spends a lot of his time there.

The basement cat either spends his time sleeping on his special blanky, or sleeping on my arms as I type (as he is doing now).

The other cat waits in bed (top floor) at night for bedtime. He spends about 15 minutes there wondering why he isn't being petted as I try to sleep. Then he runs down to the basement to fetch a toy and brings it all the way upstairs. And again gets puzzled why I don't pet him (I am sleeping).

During the day the basement cat only goes upstairs to...fetch the toys that the upstairs cat brought up the previous night. When he does this he has a nuclear siren level meow to inform me of this. I do not know how he produces his sound. I don't think he does, either. He is so proud of his nuclear siren.

....I guess any pet post needs a picture. Here are the little assholes when we lived in California.


I admit I didn't like Lincoln in the Bardo all that much. It was pretty good and I get why people did like it, but just not for me.

Last year's winner, The Sellout, is good. Read that one.

Still should be a prize for UK authors only though.

Everybody Has A Veto

While the idiots running the UK pretend that what matters is buying Prosecco from Italy, this is the stuff that really matters...

Ireland’s government is considering pushing for guarantees that no border will be reimposed on the island of Ireland as the price for allowing Brexit talks to move ahead, according to three people familiar with the matter.

Irish authorities are keen to use their leverage in the first part of the negotiations to extract maximum concessions on the border issue, according to the people, who asked not to be named because the deliberations are ongoing. That could mean turning U.K. and European Union aspirations to avoid a hard border into a concrete commitment, the people said.

It isn't leverage...everyone has a veto, and the peace in Ireland requires an open border. The border runs through back yards. People go to work every day.

Brexiteers are so stupid.

Afternoon Thread



Everybody needs a brand. I think Chris's brand is "types up administration bullshit without sourcing or skepticism." He's not the only one. Tip me off when you see someone pulling a Cillizza.


A big mystery to me is why liberals are desperate for validation from conservatives. David Frum is an asshole. Andrew Sullivan is an asshole. Jonah Goldberg is probably the worst human ever. Bill Kristol is...do I even need to?

Stop it. They are bad people.

Trash Panda

We have lots of murals in Philly. There's a dedicated program for them. This is a good one.

I Hate Politicians

I used to do a lot more advocacy/fundraising for politicians. In the dark days of the Bush administration electing anyone with a D after their name seemed to be a good enough cause. I used to talk with them and meet them. I wasn't naive, but some of them were... bad. I don't mean bad as in "more conservative than I would like." I mean literally bad people.

Seth Williams is a local politician, not a federal candidate. I never raised money for him. But he did show up to our Drinking Liberally a few times. The local nascent progressive community supported him. His predecessor was horrible. He didn't even promise to be much better, just better (I'll give him credit for not promising the moon. He didn't.) He wasn't better. He was horrible, and also, too, horribly corrupt.
Federal prosecutors on Monday urged a judge to send former Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams to prison for five years — the maximum term allowable under the law — at his sentencing hearing next week.

In a memo to U.S. District Judge Paul S. Diamond, government lawyers described the city’s fallen top prosecutor as a crooked politician who took every opportunity to enrich himself through fraud, theft from his campaign fund, and bribes accepted from generous donors.


Stop nominating America's worst people.

Voters Are Horrible

Fine, they are. Americans suck.

This is not a message that wins elections. Stop it.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Late Night

Rock on.

Monday Night

I am very frustrated that my greatness is not more widely understood.

Winning Was The Thing

Just quit, Donald. It's okay. Even a Pope did it recently. I am not the Trump whisperer, but even I knew that being president would make him miserable. You're old. You're fake rich enough. You like to play golf. You'll always have enough sycophants around, and not ones who will go trash you anonymously to the press. Spend your life hitting golf balls and letting Trumpkins take selfies with you.

Let Mike Pence destroy the country. He's more into it, really.

Aspiration Interrupted

I am completely making this up, but I do think once upon a time the basic story of "Americans want rich people to have their taxes cuts because they think they'll be rich one day" had...some truth to it. A little bit, anyway.

I don't think it does anymore. It's what happens when .1%ers get greedy and don't just screw the poors and the middle class but also the not-quite-rich-enough, too. It's tough to be merely a 10%er.

Monday Evening

Apparently it is October 16, 2017.

The Amazon Games

I don't care if Philadelphia wins the Amazon olympics. Likely the city and/or state will hand over the entire treasury to lure them to come and I doubt that would be worth it. Still from a purely "arguing about things on the internet" sense, of course Philly is the obvious choice. It's cheap and we have an underutilized and massive (if flawed) transit system and it's probably the most walkable city in the country (yes, yes, NYC is NYC and you really can't compare anything else to it, but NYC has absurd real estate prices).

There's Always Money In The Banana Stand

Whenever we talk about how we can't afford nice things, well, we can...

Gov. Chris Christie will announce this afternoon he's endorsing Newark's bid for Amazon's second sprawling headquarters, sources told NJ Advance Media.

Christie's backing may come with $5 billion in tax breaks state lawmakers have agreed to lavish on Amazon should it choose New Jersey to host its massive headquarters and 50,000 potential new jobs.

Sure tax breaks aren't technically spending money, but of course lots of money would spent.


As the man says, Obamacare is gone.

Lunch Thread


Excellent Pee Tape Content

From Beutler.

One thing people forget, in part because it was pushed aside by 9/11 and Iraq, and in part because people just forget the damn Bush era (and yes it was a long time ago now I get it), was that the operating principle when the Bushies came into office was... ABC. Anything But Clinton. The focus was foreign policy because that was what Cheney was interested in, but really it was applied to everything. They, too, wanted to destroy everything their predecessor did, openly bragged about it, and people in the media thought it was cute and funny. And then Bush kept us safe on 9/11 and the rest is history.

Now It's Time

They're all so incompetent.

LUXEMBOURG (Reuters) - Britain’s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said it was time to begin “serious negotiations” on Brexit, hours before Prime Minister Theresa May visits Brussels in an attempt to unlock the stalled talks.


What a stupid novel.

An ambitious plan by Jared Kushner’s family to recast its indebted Fifth Avenue office building as a luxury architectural trophy is collapsing, setting off a chain of events that may imperil the Kushners’ ownership of a property central to their real estate empire.