Thursday, March 05, 2015

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Winter's last gasp, right?

America's Worst Humans

Rahm Emanuel.

Giving Away The Store

Good luck, New Jersey!
For more than a decade, the New Jersey attorney general’s office conducted a hard-fought legal battle to hold Exxon Mobil Corporation responsible for decades of environmental contamination in northern New Jersey.

But when the news came that the state had reached a deal to settle its $8.9 billion claim for about $250 million, the driving force behind the settlement was not the attorney general’s office — it was Gov. Chris Christie’s chief counsel, Christopher S. Porrino, two people familiar with the negotiations said.

Too Dense But Not Dense Enough

There really isn't a solution to LA's traffic woes, other than massive depopulation. It has too high of a population density to support the car-centric development, but as most of the development is car-centric there isn't much chance of reducing the number of cars on the road. That can and will change over time (and has to some degree), but adding a couple more freeway lanes here and there at great expense isn't going to help. Nor would building my fantasy subway network overnight if such a thing were possible. Development patterns have to change.

Safety Dance

Last time I was in New York I was struck by how poorly it serves pedestrians in many places, and I really don't see that as a "pedestrians versus cars" thing. I don't think cars in Midtown are very well-served by the fact that the sidewalks are so narrow that pedestrians spill out onto the street to avoid the crush, or that poorly timed lights lead to box blocking at every intersection; a nuisance for pedestrians, but traffic jam causing for automobiles. (Some) Drivers howl if you suggest taking a lane away for, say, wider sidewalks or a protected bike lane, but to me those 3-4 lane urban streets make things worse for drivers because aggressive drivers (and in a city of cabs there are a lot of those) are constantly switching lanes. At the very least that makes driving more stressful, though I'd imagine that quite often it actually slows things down.

Smart improvements can be win-win, hopefully they spend the money well...

Morning Thread

Even though Weather Underground is predicting 5-9" of the white stuff, I have hopes it's going to give us a miss.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015


If you didn't see it, the interview David Carr did with Glenzilla, Laura Poitras and Edward Snowden, you should.  Saw CitizenFour last week.  It's among the best documentaries I've seen.. I'll be talking to digby about it tomorrow evening.

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Too much manual labor for me today. I'm tired.

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Unclogging outside drain, fixing garbage disposal. Such a full day.

Shakedown Street

I'm no saint, but I just can't imagine being a part of something like this.



I think it's an incredibly stupid description of cities but I also think what the writer of this sentence:
New York is perhaps the only world-class American city that has not yielded entirely to the whims of the automobile.

actually meant to write was:
New York is perhaps the only world-class American city.

Maybe That's Not Such A Good Job After All?

Who would have thought that years of demonizing teaches, removing worker protections, reducing salaries and benefits, and telling people that it's really only something 22-year-old Ivy grads should do for a couple of years out of college might start to convince people that maybe it isn't such an awesome career?

Really hard to comprehend.

Supremo Day

Today we get a sense of what the justices think about whether the Moops invaded Spain.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

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Add One Wheelbarrow Filled With Salt?

If sanitation workers have time to ticket, they have time to throw some salt down. Maybe they can do both at the same time?

Even if the city isn't taking responsibility for clearing sidewalks, they can at least do the properties they're ticketing. Consider the ticket a bill for the job.

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Thank God it's Friday.

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