Monday, June 18, 2018

Bigot Eruptions

I don't even quite remember what inspired the anti-immigration uprising of the aughts. But it was a thing. There's a former member of Congress who I actually considered to be a friend (not a close friend, of course, but a guy I knew before he was in Congress), who ran on it and... lost. He became an ex-friend before he lost because I can't deal with that shit. Hating on immigrants, supporting curb cuts, you know. These are my lines. It's one thing to be tough on crime (for example) and another thing to run on being "tough on crime." Text and subtext. Policy and propaganda. You get the idea.

We all have our issues.

America's Worst Humans

Greg Mankiw.

Also Greg Mankiw is dumb.

Of Course Trump Is Worse

But immigration activists were screaming about the Obama administration abuses (and they were abuses, just not the same) for years. The idea was that Obama would beat the crap out pf some immigrants for a few years and then the Republicans would be charmed by this and pass some sort of comprehensive immigration bill, the same way they came on board for a Grand Bargain (thank God they didn't) and an ACA compromise. We joke about the current President Deals but really it was Obama who was the original Deals.

There must have been a moment, at the beginning, where we could have said -- no. But, somehow we missed it.

Well, we'll know better next time.

Stupid People

When I was young and stupid I assumed the people they put on the op-ed pages and on the teevee were smart. Those white guys on the PBS Newshour must be smart! Only the smartest people in America would be asked to write for the New York Times!

Then I realized they were mostly dumb.

Women Can Be Bad, Too

There is an annoying tendency to assume that women are always a softening force in politics, that they will make things a bit less bad, like your mommy kissing your boo boo.

Women can be bad, too. They just tend to have fewer opportunities to do so.

ICE Hero

(deleting because this isn't 100% clear)

These People Can't Tie Their Shoes

Aside from the evil, these people are incompetent. Would you trust them to take care of your kids, let alone thousands?

The Bullshit Spray Gun

The head of DHS is asserting, Spicey style, that up is down, PERIOD, and conservative media is running with "chain-link partitions are not cages."

People are so depraved.


One can't hope for much in our "look forwards, not backwards [when it comes to holding rich people accountable]" nation, but hopefully some of these people will be scared to travel to another country for the rest of their lives.

Monday Morning Thread

We're going to sizzle today. Thank the goddess I'm not in an jail cell with no air conditioning.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

I'd Thought I'd Seen It All Before

A lack of (a certain kind of) passion is valued in our political discourse. It's mostly bullshit, but supposedly we're supposed to be Vulcans unless we are old white guys getting mad at the kids and blahs today.

Everybody has their issues. We aren't all obligated to be inspired by the same things. My white hot rage about curb cuts probably does not make sense to most people. I get that.

I am always suspicious about the people who have valuable pundit positions who never display any white hot rage. Maybe not this, but at least that. Maybe once. Ever? Why are you here? Aside from the paycheck, why do you do this?

Nobody Cares What I'm Talking About

I came into this politics blogger shit largely through media criticism. But how many times I can I point out that Meet The Press doesn't have any Democrats on it? And while I think the freak show matters...trying to manipulate the freak show is a soul sucking activity which makes me die just a little bit inside.

Democrats are not in power. There are two schools of thought about why the Democrats are shit at being in the minority, in the way that Republicans never are. One is that the media is basically against them. I sympathize with this view. The other is that the Democrats are completely shit at working the freak show. I sympathize with this view too. Is it a squirrel, is it a beaver? Maybe both but not quite either!

And tomorrow is Monday. Again.

Bari Weiss Just Can't Find The Google On Her Internet

click the link for the rest.

The Morality Party

They have one thing: abortion. That's it. I'm not saying I agree with their proclaimed views on abortion (or even think most of them believe it), but, ok, if you really believe abortion is killing babies then thinking all pro-choice liberals are immoral monsters is reasonable.

Otherwise...there is no limit to the cruelty endorsed by the top members of the Republican party and the conservative movement. They're bad people.


Really we just need to listen to (checks notes) people who thinks it's cool to take kids from their parents and put them in cages. Be their friends. Acknowledge their points of view. Bridge the divide.

Sunday Morning

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Saturday Night

It's alright.

Lunch Thread

Get lunchin'.

Sports Betting

I have rather mixed feelings about the proliferation of legalized gambling, and non-mixed feelings about the belief by local public officials that we can gamble our way to prosperity, but as gambling goes, betting on sportsball is probably the healthiest. There's a time disconnect between the placing of the bet and the result, so your brain isn't getting that constant drug hit you get from playing the slots or table games. It's the difference between buying a lottery ticket and buying scratch cards. Shouldn't bet the rent on any of it, but...


You just care about imprisoned toddlers because it makes Trump look bad, libturds.

Opinion Can Be Moved

The Sorkin plot that someone can give a big speech and suddenly everything changes is dumb, but leaders can lead and opinion can shift. Get out ahead of things sometimes.

But Jeff Flake Tweets

There will come a time when the Trump era is over and media figures who spent a lot of time tut-tutting critics on the Left (naughty words!) and elevating critics on the Right (save us, Bill Kristol, you're our only hope), will welcome the "normal" Republican party back to power as if they haven't supported everything Trump has done.