Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sunday Evening

Happy Hour Thread

Choo Choo

Weirdly, I went to Stoos when I was a kid.

Look At How Horrible Republicans Are

It just isn't enough. It might win you one election, but then...

Better Things Are Not Possible

OK then..

Similarly, Northam said he has no plans to try to force Republicans to accept a broad expansion of Medicaid. Instead, he has begun talks with lawmakers in both parties about overhauling the state’s Medicaid system to expand access to health care while better defining eligibility to control costs.

Outgoing Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) tried every year to push the legislature to accept millions in federal money to expand the health program to hundreds of thousands of low-income Virginians. Northam campaigned heavily on the promise of getting more Virginians access to health care.

Expanding access by restricting eligibility. Cool idea, bro.

Just A Bit Of A Slip

Get used to these kinds of announcements.

It’s been awhile since we heard anything about Volvo’s audacious experiment to deliver 100 self-driving cars to regular people in Sweden for testing. The program, called Drive Me, was supposed to kick off in 2017, but now the company says it’s pushing the date to 2021.

But Their Emails

I sorta missed all of the fun yesterday. They are so stupid and they run the world. The universe is funny.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

A Saturday Cat Thread

Note the matching feet and paws.

The One Quick Trick

Sure there was a moment when we thought Dick Cheney might go to jail, but otherwise I really don't remember anyone thinking there was some way to stop the Bush administration. I am all for Mueller doing his thing, but there seems to be this weird idea that Trumpism can be taken down before 2020. Sure Trumppeople and Trumpspawn might be. Maybe even Trump (doubtful). But Trumpism is here until the next election.

Does Anybody Remember MOOCs?

I'm not right about everything, but remember when MOOCs were going to destroy the university? Good times.

Afternoon Thread

I bought a big tree because now it is legal to say HAPPY CHRISTMAS.


Getting your butt pinched once is probably not the biggest deal in the world. Getting your butt pinched regularly, and having to worry about the social and career dynamics of that, is kind of a big deal.

There Are No Refs

I'm all for working the Refs, but Dems need to stop thinking the referees actually exist. The supposed "objective institutions" (media law, enforcement, whatever) have never been in the business of just calling balls and strikes and even if they were they don't have the power to stop 15 men from coming on the field (badly mixing my sports metaphors).

Argue on the merits, not process or hypocrisy. No one cares about process and hypocrisy.


I'm getting close to middle age (or am already, whatever). I like nerdstuff. I was never an uber-nerd. I'm not sure I read a comic until I was 35 except the Superman and Batman omnibus volumes my parents bought when I was about 9. But I read the sci-fi and I liked the Star War and the Lords of the Ring and all that.

My big pet peeve is people of my age who try to judge all this stuff from a Serious Critic perspective. I watch all the dumb CW superhero shows. Sometimes they are better than dumb (specifically, the first season of The Flash was really good! Watch that). Usually they're just dumb. Doctor Who has been my favorite thing in life ever since I stumbled across it one Sunday afternoon and Tom Baker turned into Peter Davison and I still haven't recovered.

But even though I still like this stuff... Comeon, I'm 45. I am not the target audience. Serious Critics are not the target audience. Either your kids like them or they don't and that's really the point.


Everything is pretty horrible, but it is true that The Kids Today have some good things. They have the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy in their pockets and can listen to every song and watch almost every show effortlessly. I don't think that's a substitute for the shit they have to deal with, but it's pretty cool.

Friday, December 15, 2017

The 80s

Ok 1990, but close enough, were so weird. This is actually a good song despite being horrible for obvious reasons. (Good in the sense that it's actually a bit more sophisticated than its hair metal veneer makes you think).


I had a celebrity crush on Mira Sovino once upon a time. Her pop is good too, though I didn't have a crush on him.

Friday cat blogging

Friday Evening

Go do Friday stuff.

A Perfect Job For Eschaton World Industries

I hope we are hired.

Senior White House official Jared Kushner and his legal team are searching for a crisis public relations firm, according to four people familiar with the matter.

Release A Star War Every Week

Half a joke, but I do find it a bit of a mystery that movie studios don't actually milk their cash cows as much as they can. Sure people talk/complain about how everything's a sequel, etc, but they could probably film two hours of Luke Skywalker on an exercise bike and people would pay 10 bucks to see it.

Nobody has yet embraced my long-suggested plan of returning to the "serial" model. Release those things every 3 months.

The People Are Revolting