Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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Identify These Assholes

Somebody has to know who they are.

Chit Chattery

The timing of peak comments always changes on this little blue blog. Sometimes mid afternoon is Peak Comment, sometimes early evening, sometimes a bit more late night. There seems to be this notion that after 250 comments A New Thread Must Be Established. Is this correct? I mean, I know past commenting systems which relied heavily on user machine java would tend to freeze up, but does disqus, whatever its other faults?

Happy to provide a place for community, but I'd rather not post up open threads if they really aren't needed.

Tuesday Evening


When Will White Leaders Condemn This Culture Of Violence


Who Are They Talking To

I have no idea what will happen in Scotland, nor any real opinion about what should happen, but the condescending sneering by the ruling classes kind of made the 'Yes' case.


Sportspuck arena!

A $450 million bond sale to finance a Detroit hockey arena neared final approval with consent of the city taxing authority that will help pay for it.


As I said in comments below, I'm not a huge fan of red light cameras. Traffic laws, and their enforcement, should be primarily about safety, not revenue "enhancements" for a municipality (also, too, all law enforcement). Sometimes the safe thing on the road isn't the legal thing, and machines or the evidence they produce can't necessarily pick up on that.

Milbank took to the twitters:

And, well, no, at some level I don't have a problem with ticketing people for going 56. But we do have some established expectations that this doesn't happen, that police generally give people a little wiggle room, and it's also the case that sometimes speeding, at least temporarily, might be the safer thing to do. If the state of PA announced tomorrow that no, we really mean it, speed limits really are a maximum, and not a suggested driving speed, then ticketing people for going 56 would be fine. The bigger issue is that driving 56 in 55 MPH zone isn't creating any kind of safety hazard. Enforcing the 55 limit so harshly wouldn't really improve safety conditions.

I actually had no idea, until today, that people (not all people) believed that rolling stops were part of our accepted driving culture. I mean, I get that people do them. I'm sure I've done them! We all do bad and dumb things sometimes. I'm sure I've driven 75 in a 55 mph zone, too, but the point is blowing through a light, even at 5mph, is much more like driving 75 than driving 56. It is a clear safety hazard, certainly for pedestrians but also for other drivers unless you truly think your senses are that perfect. If I did a rolling stop and got a ticket, I'd suck it up! I deserved it!

Drivers who do rolling stops through signs or lights to make right turns don't look for pedestrians. They're scanning for oncoming traffic from the left, and can't possibly take the time to scan for oncoming pedestrians from the right. Because they're moving. I see this regularly, noticing where heads are pointing as I'm almost hit in intersections.

Urban Gondolas

I've wondered out loud before why they aren't more common. There quite likely are good reasons! I just don't know what they are.

Um, You Didn't Stop?

Drivers are so weird.
A week later, I got another “Notice of Infraction” — this one saying I had run a red light a few blocks away. I had made a legal right on red after a slow-rolling stop — but I got a $150 ticket, same as if I had blown straight through the intersection at full speed

A "slow-rolling stop" is, you know, not a stop. I'm sure there are cases of red light cameras snagging people who shouldn't be snagged but by your own damn admission this isn't one of them.

(ht mtsw)

Shit Is Fucked Up And Bullshit

Really don't think enough of us olds grasp just how difficult things are for The Kids Today, that even the ones who did All The Right Things can't manage get the things we mostly took for granted at that stage in life.
We aren’t getting even entry-level jobs, which could enable us to pay our own bills. Not only are we not buying houses, many of us aren’t renting, either: About a third of millennials still live with their parents, earning us the irksome epithet “boomerang generation” — a play on “boomer generation,” the presumed victim here.

Still let's mumble something about how they should have all gotten STEM degrees even though there aren't any STEM jobs either.


I'm not sure on the spot casino lending should be legal, or if it is it should be on a "lender beware" basis...
SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia has gone to court in a bid to recoup more than $520,000 from 63 gamblers who have failed to repay markers - casino loans - issued in the last four years.

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