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Thursday, August 27, 2015

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Moar Taxes

I don't know Phoenix, but it seems like a somewhat unlikely place for people to vote to increase taxes to fund commie trains. But they did!

Phoenix voters on Tuesday approved a sales tax increase that would pay for an expansion of its light rail system.

By a margin of 55 percent to 45 percent, voters nearly doubled the sales tax for transit from 0.4 percent to 0.7 percent (the overall sales tax in Phoenix was bumped from 8.3 percent to 8.6 percent) until 2050 to fund 42 new miles of light-rail tracks, more bus routes and street improvements that are part of a $31 billion plan (also funded by passenger fares and federal and county money) called Proposition 104.

Not a knock on the people of Phoenix. I doubt the people of Philadelphia would vote for more taxes to support our commie trains.

Why Is Lindsey Graham Always On My Teevee?

It isn't the most important thing in the world, but it is more evidence that there's a huge disconnect between who the Washington Press thinks are Very Important People That Should Be Listened To and, well, what the rest of us think. He's probably had more "free" press than almost any Republican other than Saint McCain and despite that, or likely because of it, nobody likes him.

Journalists Against Journalism

It really is a strange phenomenon. I used to think that the however little it made sense, journalists were at least serious about the conventions and "rules" of "objective journalism." After years of paying attention I find that more often than not they're just ways of defining who is and isn't in the tribe, who gets to sit at the big kids' table. Opinions and advocacy are of course fine, as long as they're the right opinions and the right kind of advocacy. I no longer believe journalists are so stupid that they have really managed to fool themselves about this. They know what game they're playing.

The Immigration Crisis

Most summers, Europe has some sort of "immigration crisis." Slow news time otherwise and for various reasons there are more people attempting to arrive (legally, undocumented, attempting to receive refugee status, etc.) during that time. Even in the more left-leaning press it tends to be portrayed in more nativist terms, as the "crisis" is about countries being overrun by The Others.

There is a crisis. It's people dying in the attempt.

It's Tom

I certainly don't endorse everything in this Tom Friedman column, but at least it does acknowledge that there are things going on in the Arab world which aren't about people wanting to blow up Americans. It isn't all about us, after all. There are climate and agriculture issues that are, you know, issues. People gotta live and eat.

The World's Worst Humans

Niall Ferguson.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

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It goes up, too!

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Nobody Could Have Predicted

This will never end...
Insurance companies are suing to get off the hook for an anticipated $143 million in repair costs for stuck tunnel-boring machine Bertha, claiming the machine’s design was inadequate from the start.

The price cited in the lawsuit, filed last week in New York City, far exceeds the machine’s roughly $80 million price when built, and offers the first glimpse of the real cost to get Bertha up and running again.


The contrast between the Reagan worship and the anti-immigrant stance which are the twin hearts of the current Republican party is amusing. I don't give Saint Ronnie credit for much, but the immigration reforms and, yes, AMNESTY, that were passed under his rule were pretty awesome. This Statue of Liberty country closed the border for many decades, and Reagan opened them up again. Not that our immigration system is perfect. It's a total mess. But letting people in again was a great thing.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Nice Work

Back in the early days of bloogering there was all sorts of concern trolling about "ethics" and "conflicts of interest" and "undisclosed financial interests." I really just laughed at one local journalist when I asked him if they worry about such things for their op-ed contributors? This journalist might have genuinely worried, though without any power to do anything about it, but the point is that there was (and still is) a strange blindness to just how some people manage to print their paymasters' press releases on their op-ed pages. Certainly a bit more of concern than the bloogers and their issues and whatnot.

Evening Thread

Sucky blogging today. Was busy with stuff.

High Quality Trolling

Whatever one thinks of the troll, one still has to have some respect for the art.

Just Been to Philly

The City is still open.