Thursday, February 11, 2016

Afternoon Thread


In It To Win It

Whoever wins the Democratic primary has a responsiblity to win this damn election. I know that nobody can control that outcome with complete certainty, but I hope both candidates understand that this is their responsibility. Once they win the nomination, they have one job. I don't really think any electability arguments are particularly persuasive. I can see how Bernie Stalin and Hitlery Clinton will both face some problems (people are free to have their opinions on this, I just don't really have one). The point I'm making's your job to win. Make it so.


Stock market crashes provide the regular reminder that central banks are much more in tune with Teh Markets than they are with labor markets. Unemployment? No big whoop. Stock market down? PANIC!!!!!!!!

So We're Poisoning People? Okay, Don't Tell Them

I don't know how people can be this horrible.
"They should have alerted the schools and they didn't," James Henry, Genesee County's environmental health supervisor, who had been kept in the dark until after the press conference, told MLive Wednesday.

News that Gov. Snyder requested that this information not be shared with health officials until after the press conference came from a FOIAed email sent by Henry to a colleague. MLive reports that about a week after the news conference, MDEQ officials met with Henry and then-drinking water chief Liane Shekter Smith; two days later Henry emailed county Health Officer Mark Valacak to recap what was discussed. In this obtained email, MLive says Henry explained to Valacak that MDEQ claimed the governor had ordered them to delay the release.

Thursday Morning Thread

Somebody has to keep it real.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday Night

Tomorrow is...


The Fiorina Boom Is Over

She's out, too. I remember all the SURGE press she got after her performance at a kiddie table debate.

There were kiddie table debates.

This is been so absurd.

Happy Hour Thread


John Fetterman For Senator From PA

Because fuck it, we're doing it live.

Fan Service

I guess it's a danger for any political campaign. Give the fans what you think they want in a way which is exclusionary and alienating to non-fans. Some of that's appropriate, of course. Gotta keep up the excitement levels. Gotta motivate. But it can go too far.

People Like To Eat And Drink Outside

Finally the city is realizing this.

Big Chicken Heads Back to the Coop

So many bridges to close.

That Worked Out Well

At least there are more guns and stuff there, so that's a win.
GAZIANTEP, Turkey — The United States and its allies have spent many millions of dollars backing Syrian opposition fighters they deem relatively moderate and secular, and civilian groups whose work on small businesses and local councils they billed as the cornerstone of Syria’s future.

But the very Syrians who benefited — and risked their lives in the process — now say that investment is in danger of going down the drain, and they see little urgency from Washington, diplomatic or military, to save it.

After Iraq and Libya worked out so well, nobody could have predicted.

Good Morning World

Tuesday, February 09, 2016


One funny thing is that the bully the press luuuuuurrrrvved - Christie - is gonna go home to Jersey and ponder his future, and the bully the press hated, even as they gave him 3 million hours of free coverage, is winning yuge.

The political press love their GOP bully daddies - no Democrat could get approval with that behavior - but the political press have little understanding of what people actually like (and they do!) about GOP daddies. The Christie run really was the most hilarious thing about this election cycle.

Late Night

Rock on.

The Kids Today

My other issue is the infantilization of The Left. They're uninformed, unreasonable, silly, young, naive, idealistic, and, yes, stupid. And they never ever vote except when they get to take a selfie of it!!! It combines unfair characterizations of The Kids Today by people who really want them to get off their lawn with unfair characterizations of The Left.

The good news is that apparently The Kids Today include anybody under 45, so welcome to my second childhood.

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