Tuesday, October 21, 2014


One of my big pet peeves is liberals who interact with horrible conservatives as if they are good people arguing in good faith who we just happen to have very serious intellectual disagreements with. Ross Douthat is just a horrible person. Rod Dreher with a slightly smarter (career wise) filter.


Donald Trump is personally liable for operating a for-profit investment school without the required license, a New York judge ruled in a lawsuit brought by the New York Attorney General against the real estate entrepreneur.

New York state Supreme Court Justice Cynthia S. Kern said he was notified by the state in 2005 that his Trump Entrepreneur Initiative - known as Trump University until 2010 - was in violation of state education law.

Monday, October 20, 2014


Plan your Sunday brunch menus.

Thursday Night Thread


Hey I Was There!

No I didn't see anybody doing coke.

Suck On That

A judge granted the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers an injunction Monday, temporarily halting expected changes to their healthcare plan.

Earlier in the month, the School Reform Commission canceled teacher contracts and required them to pay minimum healthcare premiums. The move sparked outrage and protests from the teachers union.

At least the lawyers for the SRC will get lots of money now.

I really hate the arguments about this, which tend to come down to "well everyone else pays something for their health insurance." Total compensation is total compensation. Paying you a salary and then suddenly yanking some of it back for health insurance is just a salary cut.

The Great Grift

Even if there are reasonable arguments to be made for flexibility in school operation and for parents to have greater school choice, the Charter School movement has just been a big theft of public money. In my state things are legally rigged in favor of this great ripoff in so many ways. And the problem is that there isn't enough money for the education vultures to steal because the same people who want to give all the education money to their pals also want to cut education money.

All of this was foretold by dirty hippies.

I Blame The Internet

Not just, but I do think the revival of inter-city train and bus travel is, in large part, due to the internet. Previously there was a high barrier for information. "Oh, you should take the train." "Um, how would I do that then?" Being able to access schedule and price information and to buy tickets online lowers that barrier.

That Is Why I Am Firing Everybody And Then Resigning In Shame

Wait, what, that isn't your point, Fred?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Late Night

Rock on.

Sunday Cat&Computer Thread

The Worst Person In The World

Bill O'Reilly.

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Shit-Tons Of Cocaine

Dean looks more closely at the numbers.

You Have One Job

Oh, right, people need to show up to vote...

Well, at least we'll know who to blame when we lose.

Sunday Morning

Pancakes and bacon at the diner sounds just like the thing.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Late Night


I Hate Readers

Did you know that the people who buy my books can "express" "opinions" about them even if they clearly lack the proper education and credentials to do so?

I so should be able to sell a million copies to justify my big advance by just having my smart and well-connected friends buy them. Why doesn't it work that way???