Saturday, December 20, 2014

So Many Sixth Boroughs

Never change, New York Times.

Saturday Lizard Blogging

Why not.

Morning Thread

Our friend, Digby is holding her annual fundraiser.  If anyone has been good and should get a Christmas present, it is she.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Cat Thread

How many humans respond to climate change:

Please change the program:  Colbert is done

Friday Night

This has been a pretty stupid year.

Happy Hour

I'm glad Obama had some fun at his presser today, calling on only women to ask questions. The past six years would have been infinitely more enjoyable if he had been doing these kinds of things all along.

Never Change, New York Times

Our BFFs, Saudi Arabia

I don't want to litigate just how evil the Castro governments have been in Cuba. But it would be nice if every now and then a journalist would ask people who think it's unpossible to normalize our relationship with Cuba because they are "human rights violators" just why we're so nice to Saudi Arabia.

I don't expect real answers, but even asking the question can have some value.


Apparently Obama's Cuban moves have caused a bunch of conservative Republican fundraisers to continue fundraising for conservative Republican candidates.

You can find the link yourself..

Good Morning

It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Rock on.

Thursday Evening

Tomorrow is... !!!


I haven't watched Colbert all that much recently. Not because I'm not a fan, just because after a day of paying attention to the bullshit I'm not always that interested in a recap - even a funny one! - of the bullshit.

Still one minor observation I'll make as the show ends is that while people are marveling that he managed to stay in character, I think he stopped trying all that hard over the last couple of years. I mean, he stayed in character in the sense of acting like "Stephen Colbert" instead of being himself, but in the early days of the show I think they worked much harder to make a liberal point through the mouth of a conservative blowhard. More recently I think they tended to just say, ah, screw it, we'll just let this conservative blowhard of a guy make a liberal point even if we throw in a screaming eagle and some flags.

That's not a criticism. I didn't mind.

Just An Accident


Thursday Crass Commercialism

Running out of time to buy all of those holiday gifts!

Amazon commissions are actually my favorite way to earn money on this site. It takes money from Jeff Bezos and gives it to me. Their commissions are actually pretty generous (vary, but roughly 7%), and all you have to do is occasionally remember to click on one of the amazon links on the site before you buy something. I've never figured out exactly how they do things, but pretty sure if you click on a link from this site and then purchase something within some time frame they credit me.

Don't like Amazon, don't use it! But for those who do, it's a costless way to make Jeff Bezos give me my Christmas bonus.

Afternoon Thread


Friends Don't Let Friends Go To Law School

Or at least don't let them borrow obscene amounts of money to pay for it.

The whole student loan debt crisis wasn't "real" for me until I met a woman who was a couple of years out of law school, 200 grand in debt, and unable to get a job which could come close to servicing that debt and providing her with anything better than just above poverty lifestyle. Yes we all read the stats, but it's easier to comprehend when it's actually personal.

America's Worst Humans

Bill O'Reilly edition.