Sunday, January 22, 2017

Late Afternoon Thread

Guess what tomorrow is, guys?

Afternoon Thread

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It Doesn't Matter

You know, low inauguration attendance is just something for stupid liberals to respond to with "hur derp President Trump is a big loser hur derp" and then move onto something else the next day. Sure there's some value in all of the evidence that the guy who won the election isn't exactly supremely popular, which does but shouldn't impact how the press covers him, but mostly it just gives something else for team liberal to make fun of Tiny Hands about. The Tiny Hands thing is the same. Both are only "funny" (also incredibly scary but we also have to laugh or drink ourselves to death) because the most powerful man in the world actually cares about these things. He's awake at 4 AM obsessing about TV ratings, still claiming (and having his flunkies claim) that he won in an historic landslide, and losing his shit because more people showed up to see the black guy get inaugurated.

The point is, we know it doesn't matter. He thinks it does matter. Eek.

America's Worst Boss

You sign up with the devil because you figure it'll be a great career move (not justifying, just how DC works). Put in a bit of time, and have sweet sweet access jobs for the rest of your life. Doesn't work too well if the devil chews you up and shits you out in record time.

But most of his remarks were devoted to attacking the news media. And Mr. Spicer picked up the theme later in the day in the White House briefing room. But his appearance, according to the people familiar with Mr. Trump’s thinking, went too far, in the president’s opinion.

He just said what the boss said, but sometimes looking in the mirror is troubling.

But The Next One Will Be Worse

When the bullpen is filled with a Rogue's Gallery filled with Arkham Asylum's worst, it's hard to even root for a Cabinet appointee to be shot down. And, I admit, I lean towards thinking that the "advise and consent role" for appointees whose terms don't outlast that of the president is a bit silly..

Morning Thread

Well, that was certainly an interesting Day 2.

Saturday, January 21, 2017


Au Revoir Simone - A Violent Yet Flammable World

Evening Thread

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He's Gandalf And Magneto

Sean Spicer, Artist's Conception

Now We Know How Civilizations Crumble

You hear stories about the kings of old who are so insecure and petty that they do the wackiest shit. Always sound a bit made up, a bit legendary. I guess not.

Afternoon Thread

Soros sure did pay a lot of protesters.

All Year Long

It isn't that hard to keep people organized and energized for politics all the time, to make it seem important and to make them think that they can contribute in some small way. And, no, clicktivism doesn't count. Victory (Obama) brings complacency generally, but the people with all the money and influence are rarely interested in that kind of organizing. And even grassroots require leadership and, yes, money.

If not getting out on the streets, then what? There were a lot of quirky quixotic efforts during the Bush years. They mostly faded away or got absorbed into the borg.

Political parties are membership organizations. They should ask something of their members other than "CONTRIBUTE OR DIE!!!!"


Good for all who are out. I don't know how effective protest marches are. I also don't know how effective signing online petitions, spending hundreds of millions on television, writing sternly-worded oped pieces for a nice salary, or writing anguished blog posts and tweets are.

Something about people gathering in public is exotic or foreign to people in this country. I think, in part, because we lack public spaces in our daily lives.

Anyway, it's one way to stand up and say "we're here." It doesn't have to change any minds. What does?

Sorry About Your Missing Bits, Bruh

When people say stuff like this seriously I imagine they just mean "my noisy public farts don't get the public acclaim they used to. I blame women. Also I am a sad old man."

Friday, January 20, 2017


Bishop Allen - Like Castanets

Happy Hour Thread

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More Thread

This inaugural parade is pretty freaky.

Don't Smash Windows

Violent protest especially directed at random things nearby is wrong. Don't smash random windows. On the other hand, small scale property damage isn't that big of a deal either. Not defending it, just saying that it's of minimal importance compared to violence against people.

Afternoon Thread

Commence fetal position.

The Horrors To Come

As I've said, the scariest part of this administration won't be the standard conservative horrors that we all expect (though we are right to expect them), it'll be the unraveling of the presidency itself. Our system, like many (most, really), puts too much power into the executive, and, despite all of our talk of "checks and balances," ultimately depends on the man (team) in charge showing some restraint and some respect for real if evolving norms. Goodbye to all that...

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