Sunday, December 21, 2014

Holly Jolly Whatever

Holiday schedule kicking in soon, including tiny bit of travel, so this blog will be extra sucky some days over the coming week. Don't worry, I'm sure there will be plenty of horrible things happening to keep you entertained even if I don't have any time to say anything about them.

Sunday Evening

Tomorrow is...

Big Eyes

10+ years ago I saw a quite a good exhibit at a contemporary art museum called "Trash Culture." I suppose roughly speaking it was about stuff that's so bad it's good, probably lots of things that John Waters would like. The exhibit included things from people like Ed Wood, The Shaggs, Florence Foster Jenkins, probably CDs by William Shatner AND Leonard Nimoy, etc. It also included Margaret Keane, who I don't think I'd heard of before. Anyway, no idea if the movie is any good, but it's an interesting subject.

Garbage People*

I don't know why I keep being surprised that there are so many horrible people. Against better judgment I followed a facebook argument between a friend and a notfriend, which at some point involved the notfriend daring my friend, who had lived in Philly for 20 years, to "stand on a corner in Philly," the implication being that roving bands of young black men would instantly tear him to shreds like movie piranhas if he did so.

*not to be confused with people tasked with taking away my garbage, who generally do a pretty good job.

Pretty Sure Obama Didn't Say That

But America's Worst Human, Rudy 911, can make incendiary things up and still be treated like royalty by his media sycophants.

Morning Thread

Must be almost time to go shopping. Or not.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday Night

This whole gun thing is working out well for us.

Afternoon Thread

Hope the days start getting longer soon.

Who's The Boss

If the CIA will do this, they'll do anything.
WASHINGTON — A panel investigating the Central Intelligence Agency’s search of a computer network used by staff members of the Senate Intelligence Committee who were looking into the C.I.A.’s use of torture will recommend against punishing anyone involved in the episode, according to current and former government officials.

The panel will make that recommendation after the five C.I.A. officials who were singled out by the agency’s inspector general this year for improperly ordering and carrying out the computer searches staunchly defended their actions, saying that they were lawful and in some cases done at the behest of John O. Brennan, the C.I.A. director.

Why Is Cuba So Special

I get that there are still a few exiles dreaming of getting their riches back. But just why is that so many elite Villagers accepted that we made nice with China, Vietnam, and Russia (though obviously there are some cracks in that relationship now), not to mention plenty of truly awful regimes, but doing so with Cuba is just unpossible?

Are they just mad that Fidel won a 50 year pissing match they somehow imagine they were involved in?

So Many Sixth Boroughs

Never change, New York Times.

Saturday Lizard Blogging

Why not.

Morning Thread

Our friend, Digby is holding her annual fundraiser.  If anyone has been good and should get a Christmas present, it is she.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Cat Thread

How many humans respond to climate change:

Please change the program:  Colbert is done

Friday Night

This has been a pretty stupid year.

Happy Hour

I'm glad Obama had some fun at his presser today, calling on only women to ask questions. The past six years would have been infinitely more enjoyable if he had been doing these kinds of things all along.

Never Change, New York Times

Our BFFs, Saudi Arabia

I don't want to litigate just how evil the Castro governments have been in Cuba. But it would be nice if every now and then a journalist would ask people who think it's unpossible to normalize our relationship with Cuba because they are "human rights violators" just why we're so nice to Saudi Arabia.

I don't expect real answers, but even asking the question can have some value.