Thursday, July 20, 2017

Happy Hour Thread

All day I thought it was Friday...but it's Thursday!

We Got Old

I got old, of course. "You" as in the regular readers and regular commenters were always a bit older than me. The kids today aren't always right, but pretty sure "we" weren't right very often (I was, and you were, but our generation? jesus christ we fucked things up).

Not How Any Of This Works

Sure, Elon.

On You, On You, On You

1982 wants its political campaign back.

Because You Are An Ignorant, Racist Bigot

Who is trying to ruin the lives of other people because you're an ignorant, racist bigot? The intolerant left is rightly intolerant of that, but your martyr game will get you a pat on the head from Sean Hannity and an appointment to the job of Chief Bigot in the Trump administration.

But one of the state’s most conservative lawmakers, Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R., Butler), is now saying that an “unhinged” and “crimson-faced” Philadelphia lawmaker — whom his office later identified as Democratic State Rep. Brian Sims — threw papers at him and berated him after a hearing last month on emotionally charged legislation involving “sanctuary cities.”


“This is just another example of blatant, liberal intolerance by the radical left who would rather support lawless, illegal aliens instead of protecting American citizens,” Metcalfe says. “We must continue to defeat the left, defeat unruly progressive mobs, and defeat all other enemies of liberty.”


Fuck you, shitbag.

Planet Stupid

We are ruled by the stupidest fucking people on the face of the planet.

"So, literally, you’ll have bridges all across the New York City area that are choreographed — nothing like this has been done on the planet,” Cuomo told reporters in January.

Now, amid daily reports of infrastructure failures and the governor’s sliding poll numbers, the Cuomo administration will not even say how much the lighting scheme will cost — except to dispute early, internal estimates it could cost more than $350 million — or where that money will come from.

“This is definitively NOT being paid for by the MTA,” emailed Cuomo spokesman Jon Weinstein.

Nothing wrong with a bit of public art, but this is some sort of weird "can't Superman fight a giant robot spider?" obsession. 350 million for some fucking bridge lights when the collapsing subway is about to collapse the city.

A lot of money in NYC real estate. Some of those landlords have to understand (maybe not!) that as the subway goes, so does their property values...

So What Are We Going To Do About It

When one points out that black turnout in the 2016 election was lower than the 2012 election, many people respond by saying "it's the vote suppression!" Maybe it is. Certainly didn't help! And efforts aimed at voter suppression, especially but not just the suppression of black voters, are evil no matter who they benefit. I don't support trying to prevent likely Trump voters from voting, either (and, it must be said, because BOTHSIDES, there are absolutely no efforts to reduce voting/voter registration by likely Republican voters).

So, uh, what are we going to do about it? If the thing standing between loss and victory for Democrats is the fact that it is difficult (for a variety of reasons) for black people to vote, then what are the people with the big campaign bucks planning to do about it?

I'm not saying there are no efforts to fight this stuff, but ultimately on election day... and the month before election day... gotta get people registered and gotta get them to vote. And if there are hurdles, gotta find ways to get people over them. The legal/political battles before that are important, but when it's time to vote...

That's The Point

You don't have to agree with the dirtbag left to understand that's precisely their point.

Over the phone, Chait—who, by the way, does not identify as a neoliberal—explained to me that internationally, the term is used to "sharply delineate socialist versus non-socialist, or socialist versus capitalist." The way he understands it, in the United States, "the major weakness in the term 'neoliberal' is that it encompasses the majority of all sides in a political debate." In other words, it's become so broadly defined that it arguably describes both of the major political parties in America.

The Interview

Not sure I've ever said this before, but...I can't even..

...ok, fine, here it is, but your beautiful minds will never be the same..

Morning Thread

I feel like the past six months have been one long test of our political system and institutions. So far, I'd grade it a D+.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Top 17/17 Books I Read in the First Half of 2017!

#1: Paul Beatty - The Sellout

All done. Guess I need to read more! That was chronological order (#1 being the first book I read in January), not order of preference...

America's Worst Humans

The NRA.

What Do They Want

I've been thinking about what Republicans want from health care, aside from robbing that black man of his accomplishment. It's important to remember that in the House, especially, a lot of them are not very bright. Also, some of them don't really give a shit so whatever. I'd put the ones who care (again, aside from the Not Obama caucus) in two camps:

1) The genuine fuck the poor, they probably just deserve to die caucus. This is a nontrivial number. Maybe most!

2) The Ayn Rand Will Truly Usher In A Paradise caucus. These are true believers who think that if we just get the guvmint out of everything, we will achieve utopia.

As for 2), their utopia isn't quite like mine. They still believe rich people deserve to be rich and poor people deserve to be poor and to some extent whatchagonnadothatsthewayitoughtabe. But I think some are also dumb enough to believe that The Real Problem facing our health care system is that insurance companies can't sell policies across state lines, or some other horrific regulatory burden, and that if we just get rid of those pesky regulations everything would be great, or at least better. These people are ideologues and dumber than dirt, but they aren't as purely evil as 1).

Evil enough, though, so perhaps this taxonomy is pointless. Anyway, the rest are just lazy or not so lazy grifters.

The Best Deals

Man hasn't done a thing in his life.

By Monday evening, when President Trump and Pence gathered a cluster of GOP senators in the Blue Room of the White House over plates of lemon ricotta agnolotti and grilled rib-eye steak, the measure was all but dead.

“The president talked about France and Bastille Day,” Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mont.) said in an interview Tuesday, recalling the president’s tales during dinner of parades and pomp from his recent trip to Paris.

Bet good money Trump thought the parade was for him.

Lunch Thread


He's Gotta Be Guilty Of Something

Half kidding, but it will be satisfying to see Pharma Bro locked up.

Then a letter from Mr. Shkreli came to his home, addressed to his wife.

“Your husband has stolen $1.6 million from me,” it read.

“Your pathetic excuse of a husband,” the letter added, “needs to get a real job that does not depend on fraud to succeed.”

“I hope to see you and your four children homeless,” the letter said. “I will do whatever I can to assure this. Your husband’s arrogance is infuriating, and making an enemy out of me is a mistake.”

Brexit Dreams

I'd describe the attitude of "hard Brexiteers" as thinking "we shouldn't have to pay any bill, we shouldn't have to give any EU citizens any rights, Brits in Spain should be allowed to stay, and the EU should give us everything we want because the UK buys a lot of prosecco."


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Late Night

I hear the pee tape comes out tomorrow.

I Never Even Heard Of Those Guys

I had nothing to do with it.

To begin with, the president remains only loosely attached to his own team. He referred to his Republican allies in Congress as "they," while casting himself passively as "sitting in the Oval Office ... pen in hand, waiting to sign something."

"For seven years, I've been hearing 'repeal and replace' from Congress, and I've been hearing it loud and strong," Trump told reporters at a photo op. "And then when we finally get a chance to repeal and replace, they don't take advantage of it. So, that's disappointing."

Happy Hour Thread

Get happy.

Top 17/17 Books I Read in the First Half of 2017!

#2: David Nicholls - Starter for Ten

Right In The Head