Saturday, October 25, 2014


It is the hour to be happy. Have at it.

We Love America So Much We Need To Destroy It

We're all welcome to our illusions and delusions, but it is the case that our mainstream Both Sides press generally lets The Right get away with this contradiction in ways they don't let The Left get away with, because The Right are, by definition, patriotic even when they're advocating treason and secession.

Yes occasionally some hippies advocate for the secession of Northern Californiandia or whatever, but it really isn't a thing.

Democrats Against Democrats

To the extent that I have been paying attention, I've seen a bit too much of that in campaigns. I've always seen this as a Prisoner's Dilemma-type problem. Yes in purple-reddish places it might make sense for individual candidates to play the mavericky above partisan politics game, but when too many people do it the brand gets tarnished. Election prospects would be better overall if everyone was a proud Democrat, and yet...

Election Soon

I admit I haven't paid much attention to the polls, etc... this election cycle. Not that making election forecasts or similar was ever the focus on this blog, but I usually pay enough attention to have a reasonable mental map of what's likely to happen. This time I barely have a clue.

And then the 2016 primary begins! Huzzah.

Morning Thread

Here's Echidne, speed blogging on:

The Hobby Lobby case applied to a prisoner being held in Guantanamo.

Sports figures and misogyny.

Killing for love.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Evening Thread

Sometimes It's Hard

Good luck and best wishes to Kevin.

Happy Hour Thread

Friday edition!

The James O'Keefe Era

There was a moment...not a very long moment, but a moment... when "ZOMG JAMES O'KEEFE IS GOING TO RELEASE A VIDEO AND DEMOCRATS WILL ALL SUICIDE" was like a thing. Even after all his bullshit was revealed, it was still like that, because conservatives must always be attended to because bias. Or something.

The latest is pretty funny. At least no one pays much attention to it anymore, except to make fun of it.


I think this is one newspaper comments section I won't read.
If elected governor, Tom Wolf plans to end the asset test, a measure that ties federal food stamp benefits to people's bank accounts and car ownership.

Food stamps benefits are so tiny, and asset tests mean they aren't available to people for temporary help. One has to spend down everything before getting a bit of help which could, maybe, let you stay afloat.

Lunch Thread


First, We Clear Out All The Black People

The Detroit "revitalization" plan gets a bit more obvious every day.


It does make people crazy.
A man and woman from South Los Angeles have been arrested for stabbing a woman to death in front of her children over a parking space at a swap meet, authorities said.

And They Were Heroes

It's probably impossible to explain the fun house absurdity that was the whole Ken Starr nonsense, and the way his goons were treated by the press, to people who didn't live through it. It wasn't just Lewinsky, either. The undertold story just how much low level White House staffers were hounded (amid escalating legal bills).

According to the report, a prosecutor who confronted Lewinsky “exercised poor judgment and made mistakes in his analysis, planning and execution of the approach.” The report, written by two lawyers appointed to investigate the matter by Robert W. Ray, Starr’s successor as independent counsel, concluded that the “matter could have been handled better.”

The report also lays out the encounter in detail, suggesting that it quickly spun out of control as a shocked and hysterical Lewinsky asked to consult a lawyer or a parent — even as prosecutors grew increasingly determined to persuade her to agree on the spot to cooperate against the president.

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Are There No Workhouses?

Maybe buy two bags of candy. One expensive for the immediate neighborhood children and one cheap bag for the others. That'll show them. Or, yannow, just buy some candy for all the kids and count your blessings.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Own Goal

Fred Hiatt is not the median voter.

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Enjoy or argue

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I am going to THE THEATRE this evening because that is what snooty educated adults do.