Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Everybody's A Messican

Unless you catch them crossing the border, so you don't let them cross the border, you don't actually know.
In a call with reporters Tuesday morning, DHS officials confirmed they were working on a plan to send migrants who had entered the United States from Mexico back to Mexico, even if they were not citizens of that country.


However, former senior Mexican and American immigration officials said it could very well create new security problems along the border, as authorities in each country push unwanted migrants back and forth.

They all look alike, at least the ones we care about getting rid of it, so what's the difference.

As for this:

“Anyone who complained about Obama as the deporter-in-chief,” said David Martin, formerly DHS’s principal deputy general counsel, “is unfortunately going to get a taste of what it’s like when someone is really gung-ho.”

Well, fuck you. Obama was shit on this stuff no matter how many excuses his administration made. That Trump will be way worse does not excuse it.

President Obama attempted to focus enforcement efforts on immigrants who had been convicted of serious crimes, and on those who were caught while or shortly after illegally entering the country. Still, his administration deported record numbers of immigrants, most of whom had only been accused of minor crimes and immigration violations.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Ted Leo+The Pharmacists - Who Do You Love

Plenty Of Conservative Assholes Left

They publish right wing assholes because the books sell and they don't care who is harmed by them. When there was talk of a Simon&Schuster boycott a lot of people were like "wahhhh what about the good authors why do you want to hurt them" which is the kind of argument that applies to literally every consumer boycott. Of course, even a successful boycott would be unlikely to hurt author sales. Few people know or care who is publishing their book. It could hurt the reputation of the individuals involved with the publisher, making those cocktail parties uncomfortable, and more importantly it could hurt the reputation of them with the vast marketing apparatus for new books which is important, as well as encouraging other new authors to look elsewhere.

Abusive racism and sexism are fine because they sell, and advocating an absurdly low statutory age of consent is not, presumably because it doesn't.

Make America Great Again

There was a time when the US was a bit ahead of the rest of the world (or close enough). We had shiny new highways and houses, the latest consumer appliances, a general sense that "things just worked." Modern technology and infrastructure (good and bad) came here first. America was rich! We were, and things looked that way, too.

And then...

Afternoon Thread


Our Heroes

One of the appeals of Milo types is they appeal to the people who wake up every morning and think, "wouldn't it be great if being a complete horrible asshole was really attractive?" He's seemingly* successful, with lots of money and sex (that he's gay also means he isn't a competitor for most of his fans), and he achieves it all by punching down while making it appear if he's punching up (trans college students actually run the country!). Makes being a bully sexy, heroic, and well-compensated.

Not the hero we need, but for some reason the hero that many people want.

*I say seemingly because I have no idea, but it's the image he projects.


This should be paired with my "sun will likely rise in East tomorrow" prediction, but here it is: The GOP budget bill will cut taxes on rich people bigly, will be filled with fanciful and completely made up economic projections to justify how it will balance the budget (who cares, but people pretend to), and all the "deficit hawks" will praise it for its responsibility.

Because even "deficit hawks" don't care about the deficit. Just tax cuts.

Then, of course, the instant Democrats appear to be about to assume control, once again Teh Deficit and Teh Debt will dominate the conversation as the biggest problems ever, problems which can only be solved by more tax cuts.

Because Black People Are Stupid

Racism is nothing new - including the belief in the inferiority of the black "race" - but decades of your "liberal media" (hi Andrew Sullivan! Hi New Republic! Hi Will Saletan! Hi Slate!) pushing books and articles about "scientific racism" (or "racial realism") have made racists think they're on pretty solid ground in thinking that black kids just can't be helped, that it isn't worth spending any money to bother to educate them. Best to save it for the prisons they'll be sent to (conveniently located in rural communities) later.
But in a town hall meeting last week, Eichelberger reportedly made a comment about urban public education with particularly alarming overtones. According to a report in a local newspaper, the senator thinks too many dollars are wasted trying to get minority kids into college -- when what a lot of them need is vocational training.
Here's how his remarks were reported in the Cumberland County-based Sentinel newspaper:
He then moved into a critique of Pennsylvania’s “inner city” education programs, positing that money was being misspent on pushing minority students from high school into college instead of into vocational programs.
“They’re pushing them toward college and they’re dropping out,” Eichelberger said. “They fall back and don’t succeed, whereas if there was a less intensive track, they would.”

Pennsylvania systematically and deliberately underfunds schools in areas with people of color, and a lot of the money in Philadelphia gets siphoned off, according to state law, to for profit charter grifters (not all charters are bad, of course, but the charter law is designed for grifters).

Still Dreaming

Let's take a look at how my favorite construction site is doing.

Maybe they thought President's Day was today?

Tuesday Morning

Can't get to my computer at the moment so a phone post is the best I can do. What is going on?

Monday, February 20, 2017


Andrew Bird - Candy Shop


Just in case you've been unfortunate enough to be exposed to this sideshow...

Happy Hour Thread

Don't worry.

It Isn't True, But You See The Point Anyway

I suppose we all have a tendency to believe things that support our worldview, but this worldview is, you know, wrong.

I think it's perfectly fine for people to want to shut down immigration to the US. I don't agree, but it is a valid policy choice (though abusing the hell out of human beings in pursuit of that policy choice is a different story). I don't doubt that racism is generally a big part of that desired choice, but it still is the kind of policy choice which elected governments are supposed to decide. The weird fantasies people have about scary brown people are pathological. Immigrants just aren't rampaging across the country raping all the good white women and shooting all the good white men. Why do people want to believe that?

How Democrats Lost By Winning

Okay there hasn't been a lot of winning lately, but next time (optimism!) there is it will likely inspire a bunch of think pieces along those lines, especially if they win by winning the support of the wrong kinds of voters, and you know who I mean.

I'm not going to make excuses for losing, but the entirely electoral system is rigged against Dems at the moment (electoral college, senate, gerrymandering in the House, and that's even before we get to blah voter suppression), and even so... the Dems don't do so badly in federal elections (the Senate is close, no matter what Trump says the electoral college loss wasn't great, and even the House isn't that bad considering how bad the gerrymandering was because you know, the Dems won the majority of votes cast for all of those things).

Still, they lost by losing, and I bet next time they'll lose by winning, because no matter what, Real America just does not support them. And by Real America, I mean some imaginary white guy in his imaginary pickup truck who knows black people get all the good stuff but who is NOT RACIST so STOP SAYING THAT.

Lunch Thread

President's Day. That's why the mail does not arrive. Holiday!

The Swedish Hellhole

President Pigfucker is trying to justify his remarks about Sweden by suggesting it's a scary place with BAD IMMIGRANTS causing BAD PROBLEMS.

You hear these tales regularly from Americans who don't know anything. The Muslims have taken over! Hide your women! Even the most poverty-stricken immigrant neighborhoods in Europe are, by US standards, fine. The lack of guns and freeish health care tend to take the sting off the crime and poverty. I'd happily live in any of them. Years ago I spent a couple of months in one of those horrible immigrant neighborhoods in a major European city, warned away even by locals who said it was VERY DANGEROUS. It wasn't. The presence of poorer brown people does not actually make a neighborhood unsafe. Without guns, there are limits to what "unsafe" actually means.

Anyway, not denying that most places have poverty and associated problems, or that immigration can create tensions. Every country has their own unique brand of nationalistic race-linked identity, and while I won't defend the racism in our country I think "we" at least sometimes have a more sophisticated understanding of it and better language for discussing it than other countries often do. But I'd be quite happy to spend a few months in the worst urban hellhole in Europe, wherever that is, as long as I had decent enough public transit access.

If Only There Was Some Solution To This Problem

Gonna filet this tilapia.
All Lisbon Needs Now Is for Locals to Spend Like Tourists Have More Fucking Money.

Lisbon is nice. Cute Trolleys! But austerity bites.

Morning Thread

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Night

Tomorrow is...

What's that asshole going to tweet about tomorrow?

Your Liberal Media

For no particular reason other than the obvious, I am regularly reminded of this piece by Richard Cohen, who was actually the Washington Post's premier "liberal" columnist for years, written in 2013.

I sometimes think I have spent years unlearning what I learned earlier in my life. For instance, it was not George A. Custer who was attacked at the Little Bighorn. It was Custer — in a bad career move — who attacked the Indians. Much more important, slavery was not a benign institution in which mostly benevolent whites owned innocent and grateful blacks. Slavery was a lifetime’s condemnation to an often violent hell in which people were deprived of life, liberty and, too often, their own children. Happiness could not be pursued after that.

Steve McQueen’s stunning movie “12 Years a Slave” is one of those unlearning experiences. I had to wonder why I could not recall another time when I was so shockingly confronted by the sheer barbarity of American slavery. Instead, beginning with school, I got a gauzy version. I learned that slavery was wrong, yes, that it was evil, no doubt, but really, that many blacks were sort of content. Slave owners were mostly nice people — fellow Americans, after all — and the sadistic Simon Legree was the concoction of that demented propagandist, Harriet Beecher Stowe. Her “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” was a lie and she never — and this I remember clearly being told — had ventured south to see slavery for herself. I felt some relief at that because it meant that Tom had not been flogged to death.

Sunday Afternoon

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