Friday, July 03, 2015

Lunch Thread

Apparently it's a holiday (observed).

"Fans Of Band Creed"

All 3 of them?
Still, though, fans of the Christian rock band Creed have started a petition to have the name of the Creed film changed to something a little less confusing for them. And, as the petition states, “the Creedmunity will not be silenced.”

They are easily confused.

Jerkface Jindal

I don't know what they hope to achieve by playing these games.
New Orleans is finally allowed to join the rest of Louisiana and issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Following a court ruling ordering it to do so, Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration agreed Thursday (July 2) afternoon to allow the state Department of Vital Records in downtown New Orleans to issue the marriage licenses. Every other marriage license office in the state began doing so earlier this week.

Morning Thread

Webb has officially announced he is a candidate to be POTUS. I don't think I'll be voting for him.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Late Night Thread

Wow That's A Big Number

NEW ORLEANS — The federal government and the Gulf Coast states have reached a tentative deal with the British oil company BP for it to pay about $18.7 billion, the largest environmental settlement in American history, to compensate for damages from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, federal, state and company officials said Thursday.

Ok maybe the NPV isn't quite as big and who can say whether anyone will remember a few years from now.
The largest sums of the settlement would be paid out over 15 to 18 years, beginning a year after the settlement is finalized in federal court.

Afternoon Thread


What's It All About Then

Sadists and sociopaths, basically.
“At the same time, a Grexit would be traumatic enough that it would help scare the rest of Europe into giving up more sovereignty to a stronger banking and fiscal union,” Mr. Geithner wrote. “The argument was that letting Greece burn would make it easier to build a stronger Europe with a more credible firewall.”

Fast-forward three years. What Mr. Schäuble articulated that summer afternoon to Mr. Geithner is finally taking shape.
And handing complete control to the banksters, of course.

Greece needs a sign saying "people live here." Not that any of the people in charge actually care.


It's always cute when Fred Hiatt's crayon scribblers pretend to care about human rights and silly stuff like that. Pretty sure we engage with plenty of countries with appalling human rights, though admittedly quite often mostly with respect to women so who really cares, and that rarely troubles their beautiful minds.

The Donald

He's doing well in the polls because conservatives exist mostly to piss of liberals, though they're very bad at understanding what actually pisses us off. We point and laugh at the Donald as a person, even if his (until recently) mainstreaming has been troublesome. He's a clown, but he's their clown. Have fun!

Rescue thread

It's cooled down in London and the sky is hazy. This is actually preferable to 95 degrees F in a country where no one has air conditioning because you don't usually need to get cooler.

Meanwhile, see if there's something interesting to read here.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

He Cannot Tell A Lie

All aboard the tire swing.

Happy Hour Has Arrived

Afternoon Thread

Busy with stuff today so sucky blogging.

Do Not Disobey

Compromise means give Merkel everything she demands. Don't they understand that?

America's Worst Humans

Andrew Cuomo.

Morning Thread

Here's Echidne with some short posts, including a link to a twitter conversation with the author of FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY that went terribly wrong. Or right, actually.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday Night

It's alright.