Sunday, June 26, 2016

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It's Sunday! I have family-related program activities today, which means there could be a lot or a little blogging! You never know! Exciting!

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Saturday, June 25, 2016


Just spitballing here.

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Compared To What?

I've never run a marathon. Back when I was young and beautiful I probably maxed out at 20 miles or so training. I've done a couple of half marathon races, though I'm not in any kind of shape to do anything like that at the moment. I think running marathons is a bit nuts, though half marathons didn't seem that unhealthy to me. But nuts compared to what? Once you get in shape (recognizing this stuff gets a bit harder as you age at least if you don't maintain it, and that's assuming your body is going to cooperate at all), it isn't that big of a deal to run one. No I haven't done it, as I said, but once you achieve a level of running fitness. tagging on a few additional miles is usually doable. If you can run eight without wanting to head to the emergency room you can, with some difficulty, run 13.

Anyway, so, yeah, running a marathon isn't one of my goals. I think they are a bit nutty, but people do lots of nutty things. Unless you're an idiot and you're running through damaged joints or similar, they aren't that nutty.

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Or chore day, around here.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Happy Hour


When Texas Secedes

The conversation with Uncle Sam will be something like:

You aren't going to close your military bases, are you? Well, yes.
You aren't going to close the borders and enact border checks, are you? Well, yes.
You aren't going to require visas for Texan patriots to visit the US, are you? Quite possibly.
You aren't going to end all of those transfer payments you make? Hell yes.
What about the Social Security owed to our residents? Interesting question, isn't it.
There aren't going to be tariffs between our nations, are there? Everything is negotiable.
My child just married an American. Will he be able to live in the US? That's complicated...


Fuck The UK

I could be wrong, but I doubt that too many people with power in Europe are in the mood to place nice with the UK these days. The UK has long been a bit of a whiner about the EU, rightly or wrongly, even though they have generally gotten what they wanted out of the deal (for things of any importance, anyway). That bit of water provides a bit of a buffer for the UK and they didn't to act as if that buffer has magic powers that should shield them from any of the problems that countries with actual land borders face. A bit of the bullying sibling who wonders why he only gets 3 times as much food as everyone instead of just 2.

And as for EU-related program activities, fuck the UK. I don't actually want the UK to be fucked. I rather like it, and these types of referendum are, to me, a bit stupid. But you can't have it both ways. In or out. Out has consequences

All Hail Boris

Over his tenure as Mayor of London, Boris probably went from inevitable next prime minister to not, but with Cameron resigning soon, who else? All hail PM Boris.

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Was up late reading Brexit stuff...sleepy.

Moochers and Scroungers

As far as I can tell, Leave was popular because enough people believe that all of the immigrants are on the UK's secret welfare system, even as they get squat. Labour under Blair, despite his rather extreme flaws, was actually pretty good at giving goodies to people. Brown was, too, though he was mocked for his supposedly ridiculous spending after the financial crisis, because even most serious lefties believed that austerity was necessary. Spending during the recession? On things other than bailing out banks and rich people? Crazy talk. Brown got it right, even though he was genuinely doing some "ridiculous" spending because shoveling money out the door as fast as possible was actually good policy.

As austerity became the dominant philosophy what could Labour offer? We'll cut your goodies but continue the (nonexistent) secret welfare system for immigrants! The Tories promised to cut goodies but at least cut the (nonexistent) secret welfare system, too. Easy choice, really. England for England and all that.

There is actually a kind of secret welfare system. The EU provides it...

Cornwall has issued an urgent plea for reassurance that it will not be worse off following the Brexit vote.

The county has received a "significant amounts" of funding from the EU for the past 15 years due to its "relatively weak economy".

But, following the vote to leave the Union, the council says it is seeking urgent reassurance money allocated to it will still be received.

Bye Dave

Cameron's going to spend more time with his pigs.

Hello PM Johnson.


Heckuva job, Cameron.

...I was about to make a joke that the London PTB would blame Scotland and the SNP for the results. So much for jokes.

Turnout in Scotland has been considerably lower than expected. The SNP, the dominant party which ran huge campaigns for the independence referendum, UK election and Scottish elections, has run a lacklustre campaign with minimal ground activity.

Sturgeon had more to say about criticising the remain camp than making the positive case for Europe and she was nowhere to be seen until the dying days of the campaign.

Remain, of course, won every Council in Scotland and therefore Scotland. It did not win in England, probably due to those lacklustre campaigns by the Tories and Labour.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

It Doesn't Make Sense, But It Does

The logical thing would have been to express your anger at austerity by voting for the other party, but there was the austerity party and the austerity-but-we-are-a-bit-sorry-for-it party. Ed Miliband ran a campaign about as competent as a typical Dem midterm campaign. Voters are still pissed, and someone gave them a target...

In Cardiff, the Plaid Cymru leader, Leanne Wood, is concerned that the vote is going to be very close in Wales. She said places that have suffered economically through austerity seem to be those that are voting out.

Better to blame immigrants than have no one at all to blame.

Nobody Knows Nothin'

Some UK press reporting on comments by Leave people like Farage suggesting that they have probably lost. Maybe they did! Final actual poll (no public exit polls) has them losing! But that's pretty much all they know, which is the same as everybody else.

Afternoon Thread

I'm not sure why - it should just make us all despair - but occasionally it's comforting to be reminded that other countries have buffoons for politicians, too. Quite likely the next Prime Minister of England:

A bit more chance of that than Trump becoming president.

Don't Talk To Me

Since I don't drive much, and haven't for years, the instincts have eroded a bit. I'm an okay driver, still, I think (everybody thinks they're above average drivers), but it does require a healthy chunk of my brainpower to maintain the concentration I need to drive. I really can't cope with people in the car talking to me. Apparently it isn't just rare drivers like me.
It sounds weird, but according to federal data, more than half of distracted driving accidents were caused by conversations with passengers. Sometimes, it seems, we all just get way too lost in dialogue.

The next most likely distraction is your phone: texting, dialing numbers, Googling things, looking at your directions, changing a song, taking a selfie. All that only accounts for 12 percent of distracted driving accidents.


Extra Thread

Busy with some stuff. I gather there was Supreme Court opinionating today. Someone on the internet has to have explained it all.

Or Maybe Not

The way to avoid a big confrontation is to not start one. Rounding up all of the hippies will look bad and be very expensive (lawsuits). If the city can't have an event like this without handling them appropriately, using every effort to deescalate confrontation at all moments, than they shouldn't have them.\\
A day after the city said it would house in Holmesburg Prison protesters arrested during the Democratic National Convention, plans have changed.

"In the event of any arrest, we will first use other jails in the system," Shawn Hawes, spokeswoman for the city's prison system, said Wednesday.

Yes it's possible that police intervention is necessary. The key is that police intervention isn't assumed to be necessary. In NYC in 2004 it was clear that rounding up the hippies was the job. It was about showing who was boss.

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