Sunday, April 10, 2022


Fortunately this seems to be an easy - yet boring - one. Diane Sawyer made the original list for  her part in turning the Dixie Chicks into traitors. Looking back over her career (I am lazy, this is hardly exhaustive research), I realize that the "Diane Sawyering" used to be a thing, with celebrities (especially) and politicians going to grovel before the stern but serene matriarch, confessing to sins they may not have even committed in order to find absolution. Why did the Chicks not receive their grace back in the day but Mel Gibson did? Well, that's an interesting question, Atrios!

But that era has passed somewhat. Celebrities are no longer driven by the same PR forces they once were, the "bombshell interview" with a few designated gatekeepers is no longer a necessary step on the path to fame or salvation. For better or for worse, there are other ways to reach the people, and the ritual of the much promoted prime time interview, a Sawyer specialty, has lost its relevance.

She also anchored the nightly news for awhile during Eschaton's Number 2 Decade, though I couldn't find evidence of anything I got mad about at the time! Generally, the role Sawyer filled in the media ecosystem, both by her personally and the approach specifically, has faded in importance, and that's a good thing whatever one thinks of her! Times change, and eventually we all stop changing with them.

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