Tuesday, November 01, 2022

A Little Bit Stupid

My theory of "scandals" (broadly defined) is that one thing that gives them legs is that they are a little bit stupid. There's an element of "I can't believe we are talking about this stupid thing it's so stupid why are we talking about it" that keeps people talking about it.

Not sure it's deliberate, but this greatly benefits The Right as most of the "scandals" they make up are incredibly stupid, plus mainstream political reporters are trained to talk about whatever Republicans want us to talk about that day.

The Right talks about it, reporters promote it, liberals can't stop talking about how stupid it is.

Which is why "we" will never stop talking about Elon Musk, the stupidest man alive. Sometimes his trolls are deliberate, as he is a troll, but also he's a dumbass.