Wednesday, November 02, 2022

We Hate Our Children

Couple of responses to various comments on this since I don't think I made my points well (it happens):

1) I wasn't trying to whitewash the tax avoidance industry, just passing on the assertion that "funneling money to the grandkids because they dislike their own children" was often a genuine motivation

2) That these parents hate their kids does not mean the kids are necessarily bad. Parents often hate their kids (and often they don't!)

3) My broader not well stated point is that mixed feelings about progeny undermines the already somewhat bizarre dynastic impulse motivation for planning to die on top of your hoard of treasure.

4) They certainly aren't spending all that money very well, if gabbing with Lonnie or wasting time on the bird app generally is a big part of their existences.

5) Life is short, and you can't take it with you!