Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Handing Over The Ads To Jared

The NYT buries that little nugget in a tiny paragraph way down in its coverage. Obviously all the Fox behavior is bad for an organization pretending to be a news organization under any reasonable definition of what that is, but that seems to be a headline ethical breach done by Uncle Rupert himself.  Don't say it too loudly. 

A thing I cannot fathom is what drives all these ageing rich guys, including Rupert (91!), of course, but also guys like Sean Hannity who seem to be genuinely concerned about The Ratings.
Many TV personalities have a weird addiction to being on TV, that goes beyond merely "being important and famous." Probably someone has written something interesting about it. I don't understand it but I accept that, once they lose their jobs, they wander aimlessly around the Hamptons, unsure of what to do with themselves.

But Hannity isn't going to lose his job or even take a noticeable hit to his income if his ratings get cut in half. And as much as he spends his life being on TV, what the hell does he need more money for anyway? I don't mean "need" as in "need in order to pay his mortgage and eat" I mean "need" as in continue his lifestyle, in every way, as it currently is, until he departs this little planet!