Monday, May 08, 2023

The Only Good People Of America, Always Being Led Astray

David French, who is of the Christian Right and despite his reputation makeover through the cleansing fires of Anti-Trumpism (I think only Roy paid much attention to this freak before Version 2.0), is still a complete asshole (beloved by centrist dipshists, of course):
They've been a dark in malign force my entire life, little different, filled with racists, misogynists, and grifters.  The Kids won't remember how bad it was in the 90s and aughts, when Ralph Reed (just an example, there are numerous), would go on TV and lecture us, having a monthly NPR piece about the new gentler face of Christian Conservatism, as he was just pocketing money and laughing at the rubes.

Tucker's the most honest face of the Christian Right we've had in my lifetime, and that's really what bothers French.

He (and Trump) aren't leading them astray, he's just letting them out to play.

I could pick out many pieces of weirdness from the piece, but how about this one:
But the temptations — including the will to power and the quest for vengeance — that plagued the Christians of the past still plague the Christians of today. These temptations can plague people of any faith. If you infuse an issue or set of issues with religious intensity but drain a movement of religious virtue, then profound religious conflict — including violent conflict — is the inevitable result.
About the best case against the primacy of organized religion in public life I've ever read!

The Christian Right was Good, Actually, until Pastors Carlson and Trump came along, is quite the take! One we can look forward to French repeating approximately weekly until that fucking newspaper falls into the rising oceans.